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The heartfelt ending of the Stray game was recently revealed. During its final moments in the game, it also revealed something that could be the origin story. Of course, if there’s an ending, there’s a beginning in all of it.

So let’s find out the possible origin story of the Stray game. Read more to find out!


The shocking origin story of Stray
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While tandem B-12 and the cat are trying to find a way to get outside. B-12 suddenly remembered a memory about the past. The companion drone remembered that there was a plague that happened to the humans. Take note that B-12 got a human consciousness from a human scientist.

B-12 expressed its remembered thoughts that they were helpless while everyone was dying. Unfortunately, there was no way to save the humans. Moreover, the plague is the reason why Walled City exists in the first place.

It was built for humans to be a safe place from the plague. But unfortunately, no human got inside of it. So the plague could have erased the human race. Therefore, the robots only inhabited the city except for our beloved stray cat who got into the place.

The tragic plague is the root cause of wiping out humanity
Image Courtesy of @A_i (Annapurna Interactive) via Twitter

As the plague was revealed in the ending, it was the reason why we did not see humans in the game. It was also the reason why B-12 and the cat were collecting memories to find out what happened in the past. Later on, they did but unfortunately, B-12 had to die in the end and the cat got outside.

Even if Annapurna Interactive hasn’t confirmed anything about the origin story of the game. The plague that happened to humanity in this game is certainly sad. Leaving only robots in the dystopian city and a lone stray cat.

We need more to find out what happened 

Moreover, we hope to know more about what entirely happened in the past and its origin story. We also hope that the game developer is going to create the deserving sequel for Stray. With all of the positive reviews and scores, there’s a high possibility.

All we have to do is wait and look forward to further announcements on their social media accounts. We hope to see you again soon, our stray cat!

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Let us know your thoughts about the origin story of Stray in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCES: YouTube, Annapurna Interactive