The Sims 5 – Everything we know so far

We’re finally getting a new installment in The Sims 5, nine years after the previous one was released. Before that, the original plan was to have a new Sims released every five years. They shut things down following a somewhat lackluster release of Sims 4. Over the years, added content and the free-to-play release have bought new life to the game.

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While EA mentioned that they had no interest in making a new Sims game a few years back, times have changed. They announced that The Sims 5 is well underway during 2022 Behind the Sims Summit. Following the announcement, leaked screenshots appeared on websites like Reddit.

A More Robust Build Mode

We don’t have any details yet about the new takes on personalities, sim interactions, and the like. We do get more information about Sims’ praised Build mode, which was the content leaked online. Based on the information online, it looks like the game is adding more dimensions to its customization. Players now have more flexibility to adjust their elements and have more space to play.

Back then, you had an item in one space, and nothing else could interact with it. You could put some things inside the fridge or above tables, but that was it. Now, when you have space within that tile, you could fit in many other decorations. It makes for more dynamic and unique creations, making The Sims 5 feel as realistic as ever.

Aside from the stackability and adjustability of elements, the game will introduce new angles. There will also be more items that interact with one another, like pillows on couches. They’re still fine-tuning some of the elements, as they want players to have more flexibility in the new game.

Cross Platform Integration

One of the big highlights announced with The Sims 5 is the ability to continue progress across multiple platforms. For example, you could play it on a PC and later continue your game on your mobile device. Everything will have a single save you can enjoy. That makes it so players can enjoy The Sims 5 no matter where they are.

It’s a technology only available in newer devices, making it possible for The Sims 5. We’ll see an announcement on what devices will have access to this feature in the near future.

Release Date + Where to Preorder

According to Maxis, The Sims 5 is still early in development, and they plan to have a full version by 2024. Of course, they will share progress as it comes in the next few years. It will also give them enough time to polish the game and ensure fans’ satisfaction.

There are no open preorders yet, so fans will have to wait. Maxis calls The Sims 5 Project Rene internally, which stands for renewal renaissance. It’s a renewed interest in restoring the franchise to its heights.

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