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Cheritz has released the second love interest for The Ssum: Forbidden lab. The game that was released in September 2022 was until now offering only one character to pursue as a love interest. While the next big update for characters was promised.

On 16th November 2022, Cheritz revealed the identity of the mystery man. He was none other than Harry Choi. The rude director friend of Teo whose looks were hidden behind a horse mask.

Harry Choi’s route was made available to play on the afternoon of 30 November but many players who switched become the victims of the 24-hour bug. Where the last chat of the day had ended but the wait times kept growing from a few minutes to 24 hours.

If you are eager to meet Harry but have doubts then read ahead to know how to switch without losing your gameplay with Teo.

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How to switch to Harry Choi

Unlike in Cheritz’s previous famous ottome (female-oriented) game, Mystic Messenger. Where you could only access one character’s route at a time and had to wait for the game to end or reset in between to switch routes, in The Ssum: Forbidden Lab the player can play more than one route simultaneously.

After you update the app to the latest version, you can switch to Harry through the switching heart above Teo’s profile photo. It is available in the profile section on the first page of the game. It doesn’t matter which day or chat you have completed. Upon changing it shall direct you to the intro chat of Harry Choi.

The 24-hour bug

Many players who accessed Harry Choi’s Day 1 chat found themselves unable to switch back to Teo for 24 to 36 hours. As of now Cheritz has managed this bug and shall compensate the players with batteries (in-game currency). Which means you should be able to switch characters with ease.

In case of trouble, you can send a ticket to Cheritz through this link. Knowing the email and Lab code of your account is advisable.

How to not lose gameplay in The Ssum: forbidden lab

The algorithm of The Ssum follows day wise pattern instead of chat-wise as in Mystic Messenger. Hence, you can achieve the best results when changing things post the final dinner chat of the day.

This formula shall work in case you want to take a few days of break or switch characters. The game shall remain frozen in time until you open it again. To avoid losing any chats or progress open the game right around the time of the First wake-up chat.

With this people are left speculating if Jay and Joseph, the two frequently recurring characters in Teo’s route shall be the next love interests. And what could the empty box next to the animal space shelter be?

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