The Walking Dead is known for a lot many things. Such a list of things includes but isn’t limited to killing walkers, assassinating hostile frontier leaders, subjugating the leader of your own group, and putting aside internal skirmishes to survive together. But one thing that The Walking Dead isn’t known for is spin-offs, precisely the one called Fear The Walking Dead. But there’s a new one featuring Negan and Maggie. This story is sure to satisfy the blaze burning inside fans doomed with the sadness of their favorite decade-long zombie survival series ending.

Well it isn’t that FTWD doesn’t run, it’s more along the lines of – it doesn’t have Daryl, Maggie, Rick Grimes, or hell, even Negan freaking Smith. But the showrunners at least got part of that thing right, now that The Walking Dead: Dead City starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan is greenlit. 

The Walking Dead has stayed with us for over a decade

The Walking Dead Spin Off Dead City
Lauren Cohan and Jeffery Dean backstage, Courtesy of AMC
  • The Walking Dead fans await the last part of season 11 which is going to premiere on October 2022. It’s been over a year since the first 8 episode segment release that marked the first part of season 11.

  • AMC’s The Walking Dead has stayed with fans for over a decade and is based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Initially led by Andrew Lincoln who played the role of Rick Grimes although departed from the show in Season 9, the show has been divided ever since.

How The Walking Dead nears its ending with all the original cast gone

  • Truth be told Rick Grimes was the player for the entire series; there’s a reason why fans stay invested in a show for over a decade – it’s the stories told of the characters they love. For a show like The Walking Dead where characters can die every episode, it’s an important job to introduce newer characters with whom the fans can be invested into. And all of this has to be done before the old cast is put to rest. (I mean storywise, not literally lmao).
  • As of now, other than the fan revered Daryl Dixon, there is no one left from the initial onset of the story. The coming and going of seasons have seen many fan loved characters bid their final goodbyes. Perhaps the most notable ones started when John Bernthal (also known today as Marvel’s Punisher. But kids, we all knew him as Shane back then) left the show as Shane Walsh.

Rick Grimes’ return is still a possibility

The most heartbreaking one still remains that of Carl Grimes, whose death left many viewers depleted and hollow. After Rick’s vague departure in Season 9, many fans speculated that he will return. But with season 11 being the last and final story told of the primary The Walking Dead storyline, fans seemed to have lost hope. Until of course, Michonne left up North after finding evidence that Rick Grimes is still alive. A Michonne and Rick spin-off is more or less confirmed at this point. But with how Rick was seen escorted through a Helicopter, it would be a bummer to not see him come to save the day in the last part of Season 11.

How the Negan-Meggie-Glenn dynamic will play off in The Walking Dead Spin-Off: Dead City

So here’s the deal – The Walking Dead nears its final story. With all the original cast gone the story has run primarily on the able shoulders of Maggie, Negan, Daryl, and a few mid-seasons introduced zombie survivors such as our beloved Priest Gabriel and Aaron. The addition of the child of Maggie and Glenn and Shane and Lori has remained one of the most dramatic turnovers for the series.

Maggie The Walking Dead Dead City
  • The last episode of part 2 of season 11 especially went in-depth with Hershel Rhee and Negan’s confrontation. In episode “Rotten Core” which is the second last episode of Part 2 S011, Negan tells Hershel that he is the one who killed his father. Hershel having realized why his mother often asked him to stay away from Negan pulls a loaded gun towards him.

Kid, what I took away from you and your mom, there’s nothing I can say or do that’s gonna make it better. And I know you wanna pull that trigger, and I don’t blame you. The thing is, if you do, the bad people are gonna know where we’re hiding. Maybe I deserve to die for what I did to your dad, to your family… but these people here, they don’t.—Negan to Hershel.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off: Dead City should help Negan look after Hershel and redeem his sins

Maggie and Negan
Maggie and Negan in S11, via AMC

There is a lot to explore between Hershel, Negan, and Maggie. It’s a deep history that they both share. Maggie has never allowed herself to forgive Negan for what he has done and the former leader of the Saviours has also more or less stayed in a borderline hero-anti hero dynamic. But in the last episode “Act of God” Maggie entrusted the safety of Hershel to Negan to which Negan replied “You have big balls Maggie Rhee. I got you, and I got your boy.”

The Walking Dead: Dead City will feature another main character named Perlie Armstrong. Both Maggie and Negan will find themselves heading towards the island of Manhattan which got closed off during the onset of the Zombie outbreak. It is unclear whether Hershel will be part of this spin-off or not. Unless he dies a dramatic death, it shouldn’t be a bother for Maggie to carry her only son with her. A possible Storyline where Maggie dies but Negan adopts Hershel promising to grow him up to be a good man sounds just about right. There’s so much to explore between Hershel, Negan, and Maggie, it’d be a plus to see how Perlie fits into all these.

Negan is a legendary character 

The thing about Negan is that he didn’t only kill Glenn Rhee. He killed a lot many people. The Negan turn over into the main protagonist and not an antagonist hasn’t been easy. But truth be told it has been done craftily. Of course, if you make Negan a good person overnight it just shreds away all the character building he ever held. Negan was an indomitable force of nature – a hurricane that must be reckoned with.

Negan has stayed for over 7 years in the prison under Alexandria Safe Zone. It was time for him to be dug up to the light. The Negan turning into the main character has been most fans’ w*t dream ever since we saw Carl talking about the possibility of there being good in him.

Negan in TWD

And with how the world in TWD works, nothing ever is black and white. This makes it probable and logical for a character like Negan to see the seeds of his actions, and possibly lean him toward a more morally humane path. Although in a land terrorized by walking corpses, it’s anybody’s guess where such a path lay. 


The Walking Dead Spin-Off Dead City should allow more than just a few episodes of going into the depth of Negan’s mentality. The growing trust between Maggie and Negan is a very interesting story to unfold, something Jefferey Dean Morgan himself said in a recent interview that “the story is too good to not be told”. But how all this is tackled will still ride on the ending of Season 11 part 3, for which all of us fellows are excited.

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