The William Ma x Kelly Mi Li relationship explored in light of recent baby shower revelations

The Bling Empire William Ma Kelly Mi Li Relationship Pregnancy Baby Shower

Netflix’s The Bling Empire star, Kelly Mi Li reveals the identity of her long-time boyfriend, William Ma, during the recent Beverly Hills baby shower.

Kelly Mi Li finally reveals her mystery boyfriend. The Bling Empire star was dating him since season three of the show but never officially announced his identity. However, during her recent baby shower, she not only disclosed the gender of the baby but also the identity of her boyfriend.

This comes as a relief to her sherlock fans who were trying to find his identity since his first mention. Fans are especially bound to her dating life as they saw it play out during the Netflix show The Bling Empire. Without further ado let’s explore more about her happy relationship.

Kelly Mi Li’s boyfriend William Ma


Kelly hasn’t been much vocal about her boyfriend William Ma apart from little nods over the years. However, love isn’t easily concealed and hence her glimpses of relationships were shared over the years. One such glimpse, capturing her lover William Ma is seen in her New Year’s Eve videos. It is an utterly romantic capture as the two share a kiss welcoming the new year over a boat ride.

Apart from that, Kelly also poured her feelings for the mystery man into one of her Instagram posts of October 2022. She captions the image of the couple mentioning the well-known saying, “When you meet the right person, you just know,” She revealed that she didn’t feel the depth of the quote until she met her boyfriend. This made fans even more curious about his identity.

Now, along with the news of her pregnancy, Kelly disclosed the identity of the man who she finds just right. The information isn’t substantial however, his name is William Ma and he is a police officer as per fans’ speculations.

The couple made their first official public appearance at the baby shower hosted at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. The guest list of more than 40 people was brimming in shimmer with well-known faces including her Bling Empire co-stars, Kim Lee and Kane Lim.

The event celebrated Kelly’s pregnancy with Champagne, Mimosa Bar, and balloons that read “A Bling Baby is on the way”. The couple enjoyed the event as they shared their joy of expecting a baby girl.

Kelly Mi Li’s Pregnancy and Relationship

Fans got to witness the ups and downs of Kelly’s toxic relationship with Andrew ‘Drew’ Gary, the ex-red power ranger, through Netflix’s The Bling Empire. After 5 years of an on-and-off relationship, they both finally broke up.

In the second season of the show, fans witness Kane Lim setting up a dating profile for Kelly. However, that didn’t pan out too well. Fans believed Kelly can do much better than some guy who wouldn’t even pay for her Ramen on a first date.

The latest season of the show disclosed she is dating someone new and by the time of their first anniversary, Kelly was expecting her first child.

According to the entrepreneur, things just worked out that way unexpectedly. The couple did decide to try for a pregnancy but didn’t know it would work out so soon. It was an unexpected joy for them.

Following the bling baby shower and the revelation of Kelly Mi Li’s boyfriend, fans are happy for the couple. They shared their well-wishes through social media posts.

On the other hand, there is no news about Netflix’s The Bling Empire season four. After the release of the third season, Kelly Mi Li filed a lawsuit against the producers. She claimed not to have obtained the due credit and profits for the show.

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