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The Razzies nominations are in, and we have a preview of the worst the past year had to offer in terms of on-screen entertainment. Even big-time actors and anticipated films have no escape from the Golden Raspberry, which aims to hit a few of them once awards season rolls in. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching any of these films or shows, then the world sympathizes with you. Here are some of the Hollywood releases looking to get the worst award in the industry this year:

Diana the Musical

Image from of Diana the Musical

The musical based on the life of Princess Diana earns the most Razzie nominations this year, setting the bar high at nine. It’s included in the Worst Picture category to round it off. It’s expected since the Broadway play also closed after only 40 performances.

Jared Leto

Image from House of Gucci

Leto gains several nominations, including worst supporting actor and the worst couple in House of Gucci. The entire cast of the film also received nominations for separate awards. The film had potential with the trailers before falling flat on its face after its release.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Image from Space Jam New Legacy

The return of the Looney Tunes did not go as expected, especially with LeBron James’ acting performance. He gets a worst actor award nomination, and the film also has a worst movie award nomination following its poor critical reception.

Bruce Willis

Image from Fortress (2021)

Being a constant presence in the Razzies, Bruce Willis earns his first category this year. The award for Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in the 2021 movie contains many films you may not have even heard of. It ensures that he’ll get an award this year, whether he likes it or not.

Every year the Razzies commemorate the worst. Even prolific actors have their chance in an unusual spotlight. The nominations were finalized after votes from 1,000 Razzie members in the US.

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