Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzeneggerhave two beautiful children
Chris and Katherine have two daughters (Image via Getty Images)

Chris Pratt has spoken candidly about how and where he met Katherine Schwarzenegger, an author who is now his wife.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, the 43-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star announced on The Drew Barrymore Show that, “there was a moment in my life when I was really struggling and felt really broken.”

Chris Pratt acknowledged that he went through a challenging time in his life before meeting Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“So we kinda hit it off” – Chris Pratt talks about meeting Katherine Schwarzenegger on The Drew Barrymore Show

Chris Pratt and wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, who he met at church, have been married since 2019
Chris Pratt and wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, who he met at church, have been married since 2019 (Image via Special Olympics)

Previously, Pratt was married to the Scary Movie actress Anna Faris for eight years. However, they separated in 2017 and got a divorce the next year. Jack, their 10-year-old son, is under their joint custody now.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine first met Chris Pratt in the spring of 2018. The next year, they announced their engagement. They joined hands and tied the knot in Montecito, California, on June 8, 2019.

They also have two daughters. Lyla who is 2 years old, and Eloise, who is 8 months old.

On Tuesday, during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, he claimed that, “For me, my own journey of finding a higher power and leaning on that and feeling like, ‘Please save me,’ and then feeling saved … and then shortly, later meeting, you know, the woman of my dreams and being like, ‘This is, wow, this feels great.'”

Pratt gave some sound advice when Barrymore talked about how she was looking for love at one point but was scared to put herself out there.

“It’s all about timing,” the Jurassic World actor revealed. “There’s a perfect plan out there for you, and I think you just gotta have to have faith. The minute you have faith, it falls into place.”

Chris and Katherine had actually met, “at a place of faith.” Pratt, who is most known for his work in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers, revealed where he first met Katherine. While many individuals attend church in search of consolation, forgiveness, or inner peace, Pratt went to church in search of his future wife.

“Yeah we did,” Chris Pratt said. “We met at a church.”

When he first saw Katherine, he recalled being seated in the front row.

“You kind of don’t want to be like, ‘Whoa, who’s that?’ at church,” he said. He also admitted that he was sneaking some glances, and was curious about who she was. They later became friends. They didn’t start dating immediately away, but they met there and ended up hanging out later.

“For me, my own journey, (it was about) finding a higher power and leaning on that and being like, ‘Please save me,’ and then feeling saved,” Pratt said. “And then shortly later, (I met) the woman of my dreams”, he added.

“It made sense. You know when you’re doing a puzzle and there’s a piece, and you’re like, ‘I’m certain that’s the piece,’ and then you jam it, and it looks like it should be the piece (but then) you’re like, “Oh it’s that one,'” he said.

Pratt remarked that everything about the interaction with Katherine felt perfect. “It just fits together. You’re like, “Oh, it fits because it was the piece that was made to fit there.” It felt like that.”

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