This Is When The First Gears 5 Technical Tests Will Start

Microsoft and The Coalition have released a new trailer dedicated to Gears 5 and, specifically, to the test phase of the game. The Versus Multiplayer Technical Test is scheduled for 19 July and will end on 21 July. There will then be a second session that will take place from 26 to 29 July, where it will be possible to try the new Arcade mode.

Arcade, based on the descriptions published on the official website of Gear 5, is a “new Versus experience for all types of players”. In Arcade, we will control a series of heroes, each with unique abilities and upgrades to dedicated weapons. Then there will be an economic system. Every kill (both direct and in the form of assists) will earn us Skulls to use to buy a unique weapon for the character.

In the test we will have access to five types of heroes:

  • Cacciatore, the most versatile character thanks to the high speed of movement and smoke grenades.
  • Support, or the backbone of the team, provides care for allies who kill marked enemies.
  • Heavy, that is the classic slow but a very powerful tank that is cured by every kill.
  • CQB, that is the perfect character for the short distance, quick to cover and able to inflict great damage.
  • Cecchino, that is the classic character suitable for long-distance.

Also, there will be a training mode called Bootcamp. In this, you will be able to test your skills and learn new mechanics before the start of the true battles of Gears 5. It will be possible to face various tests that will teach us to exploit the coverage system, to understand the effects of weapons and to put in advanced tactics field.

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