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Marvel Cinematic Universe has really gone a long way. Now that they are on Phase 4, MCU seems to be preparing for even bigger things. Recently, Thor: Love and Thunder proved all that to be true.

Read at your own risks! Major spoilers will be coming your way!

In one of the movie’s post-credit scenes, we saw the introduction of the son of Zeus, the mighty demigod, Hercules.

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To those who do not know, the famous Greek icon, Hercules (in the Marvel comics) is just as strong as the Norse God of Thunder, Thor Odinson. What’s even more impressive with this demigod is he can be on par with the Incredible Hulk in terms of raw strength. Apart from that, Hercules also wields an extremely deadly blunt weapon called “Golden Mace” which surprisingly is equal to Thor’s Mjolnir. He seems to have unlimited strength and is also battle-tested meaning he can fight almost everyone.

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But, what does Hercules have to do with the next movies?

After the end credits rolled, a text saying “THOR WILL RETURN” appeared on the screen. Now that Zeus and Hercules are plotting their revenge against Thor, it would be safe to say that these two would buttheads with each other in the near future. Similar to the comics, Hercules is known to be Thor’s rival, where Hercules came out on top numerous times in their battles.

Now, to answer the question. Hercules is probably going to be a pivotal character in the upcoming Disney+ original mini-series called “Secret Invasion”. In the comics, Herc (short for Hercules) formed a small group of powerful beings called “God Squad” (we doing some lazy team naming now Herc?). The group’s members were Ajak (an Eternal), Amatsu-Mikaboshi (demonic God of evil), Demogorge (the half-brother of Thor), and Snowbird (the arctic mutant). Together, this team of extraordinary superheroes will play a very important role in the fight against the Skrulls in Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

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What is Marvel’s Secret Invasion?

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The Secret Invasion is one of the biggest crossover storylines in Marvel’s comics. The conflict begins when the alien shape-shifting Skrulls are already slowly invading Earth. Little do the mightiest heroes of Earth know, some of them are already being replaced by the Skrulls. One by one, as the current heroes are being taken down, Earth is now in shambles as nobody knows who to trust anymore.

Marvel’s Illuminati were the first victims that fell to the hands of the Skrulls after a botched mission to confront the Skrull Empire. This group, which consisted of Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Professor X, and Doctor Strange were all captured by the Skrulls. As a result, they became the stepping stone for the Skrulls to initiate their invasion of Earth.

In that storyline, there were a lot of characters involved. Some of the groups we might see are:

  • the Illuminati
  • the Fantastic Four
  • Avengers
  • X-Men
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Thunderbolts
  • Inhumans
  • Young Avengers
  • Commandos
  • Secret Warriors
  • and many others, the list goes on and on, making this crossover the biggest and loudest of them all.

In 2020, Disney+ that Marvel’s Secret Invasion is already in development. And, as a very huge project, this mini-series might take a lot of time. To add, there’s a possibility that we might get to see this hit television next year (2023).

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