Those who Remain is an upcoming psychological thriller, adventure game from developer and publisher Camel 101. Thanks to the latest ESRB rating we now know a little about what to expect from this ambitious new title.

Posted via ESRB’s Twitter account, the game has been rated M for Mature. The game will feature some amount of violence and blood, strong language so accept a lot of swearing as well as partial nudity.

The ESRB rating also gives us a sneak peak on the game’s story. You play as Edward Turner, an ordinary man who arrives in the cursed town of Dormont.  All the citizen are trapped inside a darkness and it’s Edward’s duty to help them escape this tragedy that has bestowed on this town.

Those Who Remain is currently in development for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is scheduled  to launch on May 15,2020.


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