THQ Nordic GmbH is an Austrian video game publisher based in Vienna. Formed in 2011, it is a publishing subsidiary of Embracer Group. It is renowned for games like Biomutant, Destroy all humans, wreck fest, and more. Nordic has reached its 10th anniversary which it plans to celebrate by providing its loyal fan base with publisher sales and free games on stream. 

The free games and sale will last until the 23rd of September.

THQ Nordic has announced to host a sale on Microsoft Store, the Switch eShop, and Google Store. The Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and Jagged Alliance Gold Edition are the two free games.

  • The Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a remastered version of the classic 2006 hack-and-slash RPG and includes the Immortal Throne expansion. The protagonist of the game is a naive villager who comes to transform into a warrior defeating the evil Titans bent on destroying human civilization. The player’s expenditures through Greece, Egypt, and the Far East.
  • Jagged Alliance Gold Edition is a classic 1995 MS-DOS tactical RPG. It Re-released in 2014 as a Gold Edition. A radiant crew of 60 mercenaries is there to avenge and win back their island of Metarvira. The graphics and gameplay of Jagged Alliance Gold Edition are not keeping up with the modern hardware display. 

Players are offered this opportunity to keep and store Titan Quest Anniversary Edition And Jagged ALliance Gold Edition in their libraries for the longest time. 

THQ Nordic will conduct a free weekend for Desperados III, the latest in the wild west-themed tactical RPG franchise. Desperados III has been available free from 17th September and running until September 20.

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