TikTok: Australian Busker Widya Promotes Positivity after ‘Bullying’ Incident

Australia Violinist under fire for 'bullying' busker Widya off a spot

A TikTok video posted by busker Widya Tjong captures a violinist’s behavior towards her that many are calling “bullying.” The clip shows Widya setting up to perform when the man approaches and demands she pack up her things.

First-Come, First-Served vs. Reserved Spots

Widya argues she arrived at 1:30 pm and saw no one occupying the spot. She follows the common busking rule of “first-come, first-served,” which applies to some areas lacking formal regulations. However, this unspoken agreement typically requires the busker to remain present at their chosen location.

Australian Busker Bullied by Violinist

Widya explains she saw no belongings or other performers near the Zara outlet in Sydney’s Westfield. The violinist, however, claims he “reserved” the spot for 2:00 pm after “leaving briefly.”

Public Supports Widya

Onlookers defend Widya, reasoning with the violinist and expressing their desire to hear her music. Unfortunately, the argument over busking etiquette continues. The violinist insists he has reserved the spot, leading Widya to ultimately concede and leave.

Turning the Tables

Despite the incident, Widya’s TikTok video highlights the challenges buskers face, but it also showcases her talent. The positive viewer response and appreciation for her music overshadow the violinist’s actions. This situation also emphasizes the importance of open communication for a peaceful busking environment.


Lose Control Cover by the amazing one and only @wiwidya !!! Location: Pitt St Mall, Sydney edit: Good day everyone, let’s just enjoy this video and appreciate her amazing talent. Please just keep the comments about her voice and talent! Tysm🥰☺️🥰 sydneybusker busker busking buskinglife sydney fyp

♬ original sound – Marsha L.

Widya’s Message

During our brief interaction with TikToker and Australian busker Widya, she shared a clear message:

…please don’t add anymore extra captions that may or may not cause hate to the guy or promoting abuse and arguments between buskers.

Her statement shows Widya’s genuine concern for her fellow buskers, expressing her kindness and consideration within the community. We applaud Widya for her empathy and dedication to creating a positive environment for all.

Busking Etiquette Tips

  1. First-come, first-served: This is the common rule, but it requires the busker to stay at their spot.
  2. Observe others: Watch how performers share spots and times to understand local practices.
  3. Time limits: Be aware of any local restrictions on performance duration.
  4. Local regulations: Check the government website for specific busking rules in your area.
  5. Busker communities: Connect with them for insider information on unwritten rules.
  6. Communication is key: Talk to other buskers to understand the local etiquette.
  7. Respect others: If a spot is claimed, wait your turn or find another location.
  8. Mindful packing: Pack up your belongings when your designated time is over.

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