TikTok: Grandma Holla dies at 97 – Cause of death + Last videos

TikTok Grandma Holla Dies at 97 cause of death last videos

TikTok’s sensation Grandma Holla dies at 97, she remained in positive spirits in her last videos. Grandma Holla’s cause of death was revealed.


Grandma Holla has passed away

Grandma Holla was a beloved social media star who went by the username lotteryfrappeandlaughs on video sharing platform TikTok. She began her journey on the platform in August 2021 and soon enough, her videos reached the hearts of people. Her quick wit and frankness gained her over 800,000 followers since posting her first video on the short-form app.

  • It was her straightforward honest and often hilarious responses to questions about dating, food, and celebrities that attracted the audience. Her witty reactions and enchanting personality spread delight among millions of viewers.
  • This energy of the beloved grandmother also reached other social networking and creator apps such as Facebook and YouTube, where she had over 270,000 subscribers.
  • Unfortunately, over the weekend, her granddaughter confirmed the news of Grandma Holla’s passing during a heartfelt YouTube Live. She shared the tragic news that her grandmother passed peacefully at 5 pm on 15 January 2023.


Grandma Holla’s cause of death

During a YouTube live stream, Grandma Holla’s granddaughter expressed her gratefulness for the happiness people shared with her grandmother. She thanked everyone for the smiles people put on grandma’s face.

  • She also shared that Grandma Holla passed away in her sleep. It was a peaceful parting although tragic. She expressed her grief saying that it is the relief that she’s not in pain anymore, no more suffering from cancer, and no more morphine that is holding her.
  • Grandma Holla was battling Cancer for a long time yet she remained spirited in her last videos.
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Grandma Holla’s last farewell

In 2022, rumors of her death spread across social media. At that time her daughter, Janice Williams, put an end to the speculation after replying to a post stating Holla is fine. She is home eating cereal right now, However, around the same time, it was reported that the TikToker was suffering from an advanced stage of cancer leading to her regularly sharing videos from the hospital.

  • Even while fighting against cancer, she appeared sassy as always in her videos. In one of the videos, she talks about judging people. She shares there are some people whom she doesn’t care about, no matter what they do and what they say.
  • When prompted by her daughter for judging a book by its cover. Grandma says, “That’s me f*ck it!” She expresses that she’s a 96-year-old human. It’s her business whom she judges how and it’s people’s business to make their own judgments.

  • In another life, she was asked which actress she would like to play her if her biopic was made. After some thinking, she said she would prefer Hailey Beiber. Further, someone suggested Angela Basset. However, Grandma Holla said Basset is okay but she isn’t as okay as Hailey.
  • Later on, one of her followers suggested Beyonce and Grandma Holla roared approvingly, calling her one of the prettiest women. It was this frankness that bought people closer to her and it is what people will remember her fondly for.
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The TikTok legacy of Grandma Holla

Helen Davis, popularly known as Grandma Holla, was born in 1926 and worked as a teacher for a part of her life. Later, her granddaughter filmed her reactions and shared them on social media. Many of her videos feature someone conversing with Helen at her home or car.

  • Her hilarious blunt reactions and quick one-liners won the hearts of many and she soon went viral after R&B singer Toni Braxton shared one of her videos on Facebook.
  • With a following of over 800k and over 6.3 million likes across all posts on TikTok, she will be remembered as one of the favorite grandmas by her fans. In one of her final videos, she happily wished her followers a happy new year.
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