TikTok: Human Feeling quiz – How to play?

How well do you know your feelings? There’s a quiz going on TikTok that could help give you the answer. It is called the “Human Feeling” quiz which reveals what kind of human feeling are you. This quiz has a total of 11 questions to answer and most questions are quite hard-hitting.

Many people have already shared their various results on TikTok. As the hashtag #humanfeeling has 16.8 million views so far. Moreover, what makes this quiz a trend is because of people say that the results are pretty accurate. It shows the kind of human feeling you are with a brief explanation of it as well.

The results can make you realize that you are this kind of human feeling. So if you want to know yours, we are here to show you how.

Steps on how to play the “Human Feeling” quiz from TikTok

Go to the website
  • The first step is to go to the website of the quiz. Just click here to go.
  • Once you’re on the website, the next step you are going to do is to put your name. Then just click the “Start Quiz” button.
Image Courtesy of uQuiz

Answer the quiz
  • After clicking to start the quiz, you are now able to answer the questions. There is a total of 11 questions. Most of it has multiple choices except for the last one although it is optional.
  • Answering all the questions could only last 5 to 9 minutes only. So don’t worry as the questions are easy.
Image Courtesy of uQuiz

Get to know your result
  • If you are done answering all the questions, the result is going to show quickly. As it shows the kind of human feeling with its explanation. It also leaves a touching message that suits you.
  • So there you have it. Do you think the result is accurate enough? If it does, you may share it on different social media accounts. You may also take a screenshot of it too.
Image Courtesy of uQuiz

Share your results on TikTok

When you have the screenshot of your result, you can make a TikTok video of it. You can share among the other users on the platform. So to have an idea of how to make one, you may look at the video below or check this hashtag #humanfeeling.

Don’t forget to put #humanfeeling on your videos so others can see it too if you want.


#humanfeeling #humanfeelingtest #foryou

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SOURCES: TikTok, uQuiz

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