TikTok: Mizzy Arrested; Legal Consequences Now Under Investigation

TikToker Mizzy, an infamous social media influencer from London, has recently been arrested by the Metropolitan Police for a controversial prank that he broadcast on his now-deleted TikTok account.

The video showed Mizzy walking uninvited into a stranger’s home and comfortably settling on their couch while the homeowners, including a child, reacted with evident confusion and concern.

The video, for its audacity and unexpected nature, went viral unprecedentedly. However, it needs to be shared further as it seems to promote and endorse such invasive behaviors, which the influencers crave – controversy and fame.

Mizzy’s Admission of Guilt and Previous Incidents

Investigation and Legal Consequences

The Metropolitan Police released a statement that they are investigating to trace the 18-year-old suspect who had intruded into a private residence in Hackney, as documented on the video.

They believe that Mizzy breached a community protection notice issued last May, which prevents him from committing any act meant to cause harassment, alarm, or distress. The video in question could be evidence of such a breach.

Furthermore, Mizzy has allegedly been featured in other disturbing videos. It includes scenarios where he has stolen someone’s dog and provoked people in public places with intimidating questions. His pranks, though intended to be humorous, often cross the line of acceptability.

Public Outrage and Response

Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway from Central Command acknowledged the widespread concern over the video. He reassured the public that they were taking the matter seriously and conducting a thorough investigation.

TikTok Mizzy Arrested by Met Police
Courtesy of Met Police UK

Public outrage has added pressure on the police. They are demanding urgent and strict action against invasive pranks that potentially induce fear and distress among people. Especially when concerns over knife crime are severe.

Mizzy’s Arrest

As of Tuesday, 23rd May, the latest update is that the suspect has been arrested for causing a public nuisance and is currently in police custody.

  • His arrest followed an investigation into the social media footage that captured numerous incidents of him approaching people on the street or on public transport and entering residences without the owners’ permission.
  • It has also been reported that Mizzy may have recently become a father, further complicating his situation amidst potential criminal charges. However, due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, further details remain undisclosed.

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