TikTok: MMA Fighter Keith Lee promoting struggling Restaurants

MMA fighter Keith Lee has been going viral on TikTok for all the right reasons. The ex-Bellator fighter’s newfound career as a food critic gained a lot of momentum in a short while. Keith Lee has used his visibility and reach on TikTok to promote struggling restaurants and help them stay afloat. Read to find out how he has managed to pull this off.

TikTok food critic

Keith Lee started using TikTok to overcome his social anxiety and his fear of public speaking. But his presence on the micro-video platform saw a meteoric rise after his stint as a food critic. 

  • The former MMA fighter now has over 8.1 million followers on TikTok with 297 million total likes for his videos.
  • Keith Lee specifically works with small restaurants that are almost going out of business. He reviews their food quality and customer service on his TikTok, giving them much-needed publicity to help them out.

Promoting struggling restaurants

Keith Lee is a prime benefactor of Frankensons Pizzeria in Las Vegas via his TikTok. Frankensons reached out to him for publicity as they were struggling even to pay their rent. 


Frankensons Pizzeria Taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

  • While other influencers charge for this sort of marketing, Keith Lee did it for free and even paid for all the food he received from them. 
  • Keith Lee’s video led to an all-day-long line out the door of the Frankensons as their social media followers shot from 2,000 to 262,000 in a brief while.

Keith Lee and MrBeast

Keith Lee’s newfound love for promoting struggling restaurants has caught the eye of possibly the biggest name on YouTube, MrBeast


Replying to @mrbeast Mr.Beast Feastables Chocolate taste test ??? 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

  • MrBeast has requested Keith Lee to review his Feastables chocolate bars and the MMA fighter has agreed to do it upon the condition that MrBeast also help out a struggling restaurant through his YouTube channel.

Keith Lee’s career

Despite enjoying immense success on TikTok as a comedic food critic, Keith Lee has stated that he will return to MMA soon with at least one or two fights this year.

MMA fighter Keith Lee TikTok
Image courtesy of MMAJunkie
  • Until 2021, Keith Lee was on the payroll of Bellator, who is one of UFC’s biggest rivals. He is the brother of UFC fighter, Kevin Lee.

It’s only been bad news for MMA fans in the past few days, with young wrestler Victoria Lee’s death and Dana White’s physical altercation with his wife.

After his exit from Bellator, it’s wholesome to watch Keith Lee thrive on TikTok for a noble cause like promoting struggling restaurants. Do you think he should return to MMA?

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