TikTok: MMA Fighter Keith Lee x MrBeast – Feastables Review Conditions

TikTok MMA Fighter Keith Lee x MrBeast - Feastables Review Conditions

MrBeast has been receiving an underlying success over his Feastables. Whether you watch the YouTuber’s content or not, Feastables, the chocolate bar company, must have ring a bell. On the side of TikTok, an MMA fighter recently turned TikTok star for food reviews, Keith Lee, received quite a large amount of fame. What’s more amazing, he reviews food from struggling restaurants to help save the businesses. Well, MrBeast x Keith Lee should be happening soon as he reached out to the MMA fighter. However, this MrBeast x Keith Lee has earned three conditions from the latter, before reviewing MrBeast’s Feastables, what are they?

MrBeast x Keith Lee three reviewing conditions

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson reached out to Keith Lee in his comment section to review his Feastables Chocolate Bars. In the comment, MrBeast says “Can I send u some feastables my chocolate brand 🙂

  • Significantly, Keith Lee, his wife, and his sister are huge fans of Donaldson. He even stated that they got excited and even jumped up and down after seeing the comment.

Replying to @mrbeast Mr.Beast Feastables Chocolate taste test ??? 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

  • Lee agreed and would gladly do the chocolate bar review, however, one of his three conditions should be met. Here are the following conditions:

First condition

Jimmy comes to Vegas and helps Lee to find a struggling family business.

  • The catch is they have to help the family-owned business ‘unstruggle’.
  • The deal is both stars must help the business, not only for the specific day but *definitely* help them and their business for the succeeding days, weeks, or months.

Second condition

Put Lee’s wife in one of MrBeast’s videos. He reiterated that his wife is a huge fan of the YouTuber King.

  • It could be his wife or his sister. Keith Lee states that he would gladly sit and watch the video of them with MrBeast.

Third condition

Agree to publicly repost his chocolate bar food review on all MrBeast’s social media platforms.


Frankensons Pizzeria Taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

  • Keith suggests that in this way, the exposure of what he is doing to help the struggling business would increase.
  • I can use the exposure to continue doing what I’m doing, and that’s helping small businesses,” he shares.

This TikTok video of Keith Lee may have received massive respect and love for the MMA fighter.

  • In all fairness, all three conditions can be met by MrBeast. The first condition may be the toughest, but pretty sure the second and third can easily be agreed upon by the two sides.

Did MrBeast respond?

Well, more or less than a day after Lee posted the video, it earned a reply from the YouTuber.

  • Fans of both social media personalities flooded MrBeast’s TikTok account with all the mentions below Lee’s video. Some are sure that MrBeast would certainly agree to these conditions, maybe even all of the three laid-out choices.
MrBeast x Keith Lee, three conditions comments
Photo Courtesy of Keith Lee via TikTok
  • The Feastables TikTok account was used to reply with a smiling with teeth emoji “😁”. We think we can see what they agreed on in the next few days.
MrBeast Feastables, reply to lee
Image Courtesy of Keith Lee via TikTok
  • As of this writing, both sides have yet to announce what’s going to happen next in this MrBeast x Keith Lee agreement.

Have you been watching Keith Lee’s food review and MrBeast’s YouTube videos? What do you think about this collaboration, readers?

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SOURCE: Keith Lee’s TikTok

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