TikTok: Ramen-eating Hack, yea or nay?

Another day, another viral video from TikTok. No one would have thought of what this woman revealed on her TikTok account (Bri Wiggity Wack). In her video, she took the next level of eating ramen excluding forks, spoons, and even chopsticks. The only thing she used in eating her ramen are two metal straws.

She demonstrated using metal straws while eating ramen. The metal straws were used as chopsticks in eating meat and noodles. While the actual purpose of the straw has been used to sip the soup of the ramen instead. It’s like all in one go without doing too much or using many utensils in eating ramen.


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This is far from the way we commonly do eating ramen which is using chopsticks and a soup spoon. This is why many people were in shock about this hack since it’s possible to do that. Making the video viral in just a few days, it already has 2.9 million views and 314.1k likes.

Is this ramen-eating hack good or not?

  • Honestly, from the looks of it. This ramen-eating hack seems good to try out because of how convenient it is. It can all be done in one hand while eating the ramen and you won’t have extra utensils to wash after.
  • Moreover, the TikTok user addressed things in a new video regarding her eating ramen with metal straws. The safety measure she does is to not the soup when it’s boiling and she also uses the straw to make it cool.
  • Some say that it is unhinged to drink savory foods using a metal straw. It could be true but as long as you have tried and there’s no problem doing it. Then it could be fine after all and you just have to be careful eating the ramen since it’s hot.

Replying to @bribri_is_wheezy “Get straight straws” these are the straws i have. Also if anyone ends up selling chopstraws you are morally and ethically required to make me your spokesperson #reusablestraw #ramenhack #ramen #souptok #ramen #soupsimp @Bri Wiggity Wack

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  • Since ramen foods are savory, you should carefully wash the metal straws with a bristle cleaner. This is to make sure there’s no leftover dirt or taste inside of it.
  • Lastly, remember that it is always up to you to decide whether it is good or not. At the end of the day, we all have our preferences and that’s okay. Just be mindful when you do it too.

Other ramen hack idea from TikTok
  • As we are talking about ramen, we are going to show you another ramen hack idea. But it’s different this time. There is also an easy hack going on about cooking ramen, so you might want to try this.

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