TikTok Scar Girl real Fake expert opinion explaination
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TikTok’s Scar Girl divides the internet over her scar and even dermatologist experts came to provide their opinions on if her scar is real or fake.

TikTok scar girl fake or real Expert opinion
Image courtesy of The Rolling Stone, E! Online, and Daily Mail

What is the Scar Girl Issue?

TikToker Annie Bonelli, who is infamously known as Scar Girl, divided the netizens with her videos. The matter begins with Annie and her dark facial scar on the left side of her face. Many people on TikTok are questioning the authenticity of her scar due to its change in appearance over years.

  • Many TikTok users noticed the darkness of the scar and claimed it shifts around her face. Annie denies this allegation. She expressed her emotions about the situation and explained the situation about her facial scar.

Netizens claim Scar Girl is fake

Annie Bonelli’s scar has become the most trending debate on TikTok recently. Annie is known as the Scar Girl for more than 2 years while people claim her linear scar across the left side of her face is fake.

  • Videos under the hashtag #ScarGirl claiming the scar changes its size, color, and placement gained over 359 million views. Many users created a series of exclusive exposure of the Scar Girl under the #ScarGirlExposed on TikTok. These hashtags and their similar alternatives display more than 26 million views.

  • Netizens and TikTok creators are creating before and after versions through screenshots of her past videos. Some are even accusing Bonelli of using tints and lipsticks to darken her scar. If the discussions weren’t enough, some creators are posting makeup tutorials mocking the scar.
  • While talking with NBC News, the internet’s 18-year-old Scar Girl says, “My parents always told me, ‘Don’t comment on people’s bodies or about what they can’t control,’” She believes people get too comfortable on the internet and forget that creators and influencers are real people. “Like, I’m a real person.”

Scar Girl Explanation Video

Before her NBC interview, Annie created a video in response to all the hate comments. In a three-minute-long video, Annie explains she decided to address all the issues surrounding her scar because she waves up with more and more hate comments every day calling her scar fake.

  • In the video, the TikToker rubs makeup remover on her scar as proof of its authenticity. She explains there are two scars. The original and lighter one turned darker and larger due to a chemical burn.

  • After the original or first scar was healing, she applied some over-the-counter topical cream to fade the scar. However, it gave a chemical reaction further damaging the area and creating a second wound on the same spot making it look darker.
  • “I also take a long time to heal, that’s just how my body works,” She says in the video, “You are not me and our health is different. If I was going wipe over here, there’s fucking nothing. I’m sorry if this blows everyone’s mind,” Annie added.

Experts take on the Scar Girl issue

Brooke Erin Duffy, a professor of Communication at Cornell University, explains that the interest of netizens in Bonelli’s scar is an example of authenticity policing.

  • It happens when people continuously pick on a person’s self-presentation as fake. Audiences attract to authentic influences so if anything is hinting against this they become enraged.
  • Duffy further explains this gives us a view of how influencers are treated online much of which is tied to the concept of social media.
  • SNS is a place where people only show the side they want to show so people are constantly trying to find out what is real and what is fake. “There’s just this recurrent critique that they are faking it somehow. They’re faking their success, looks, and career.”
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Dermatologist’s opinion of Scar Girl is fake or real

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, widely known as Dr. Pimple Popper explained about scars and gave her opinion on the Scar Girl issue through E! News.

  • Dr. Lee notes that she hasn’t personally examined the TikToker’s scar and it can be done through good make-up skills. However, she believes Scar Girl’s explanation about the scar’s reaction to the topical cream.
  • “This could explain why the area now appears dark and demarcated, without much blur at the edges.” She further suspects the use of some chemical acid peel and compares it with a hot curling iron burn.
  • Scars tend to heal differently according to their cause and treatment. Some scars may appear lighter or white than other skin and some appear dark. It is a case-by-case matter.
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With all this information we can consider the mystery of TikTok’s Scar Girl debunked. Her scar is indeed real and a showcase of the side effects of social networking sites. What’s your take on this whole situation? Let us know in the comments below and for more explanation articles about recent trends follow Spiel Times.

SOURCES: NBC News, E! News
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