TikTok: Top Filters to Upgrade Kpop fans’ experience

TikTok Top Filters to Upgrade Kpop fans' experience

Hey there, fellow TikTok and Kpop enthusiasts! Are you ready to level up your TikTok game and spice up your content? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! As we all know, TikTok has been taking the world by storm with its creative and entertaining content. But did you know that you can also play around with various Kpop filters and games on the app? That’s right! Whether you’re a die-hard Kpop fan or just simply enjoy the beats, these filters and games will definitely take your TikTok experience to the next level.

Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of TikTok Kpop filters and games! But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Did you know that TikTok was initially launched in China in 2016? It wasn’t until 2017 when it expanded internationally and took the world by storm. And guess what? By 2018, it became the most downloaded app in the United States! So, if you’re part of the younger generation who can’t get enough of TikTok, then you’re in for a treat with this list of the top Kpop filters and games that you can enjoy.

Get ready to showcase your dance moves, sing your heart out, and have fun with these fantastic K-pop filters and games that you can use on TikTok. Whether you’re a fan of BTS, BLACKPINK, or EXO, these filters and games are perfect for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, open TikTok, and let’s get started!

Top Kpop TikTok filters

TikTok is just full of quizzes and tests to try on, like the Soldier, Poet, or King quiz. If there’s no quiz for you to try, and you want to spice things up on your TikTok feed (or even drafts), then try these Kpop filters we found. You may or may not have tried a few here, but pretty sure you’ll be thrilled about this. 

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Image Courtesy of HYBE LABELS, starshipTV via YouTube

1) Ideal Type KPOP Boys

Struggling to think about who’s your ideal type among all the Kpop boys? Play it just for fun or if you just want to know your ideal type, this should help you with it. The original creator of the effect, TikTok user @1117club can be seen below!


New filter! Hope ya’ll have fun with this! #kpop #thisorthat

♬ The King – ATEEZ

  • What if your bias isn’t your ideal type? That’s one thing that probably would happen when you take this TikTok filter to the test. Well, you may be Mingyu biased on SEVENTEEN, but what if your ideal type is actually Wonwoo? Still a win.
  • This is the most used among all the TikTok Kpop filters on this list, and we can’t disagree on that. You know, having to think which Kpop idol would be on-point and perfect to be your type? We love to see that.

2) BG Bracket

If you want to try your boy group stan realness, we dare you to try this one. It doesn’t matter if you start during the second generation with SHINee or Super Junior and continue to stan BTS, NCT, Stray Kids, or ENHYPEN, feel free to weigh them all here.


EMOSHI WKWKWK awal awal gampang endingnya dicobai banget😂😭 #fyp #bts #kpop #seventeen #kpopfilter

♬ ditto – ↷ ⫶ ⌕ 4ever.s0ngs ❛ 🎧 ๋˖

  • All you have to do is pick your best choices, easier said than done, we agree. Although, in case you haven’t seen your favorite group the first time, try it again. There are too many groups and it isn’t possible to fit all of them into one bracket.
  • And to enjoy the filter more, you may browse the videos of the people who used this BG Bracket. Some choices and some people really stopped working when they see two of their beloved groups, and then have to choose between them. Hmm, that might probably happen to you too, let us know!

3) Ideal Type KPOP Girls

Female idols enthusiasts, we wouldn’t miss you out on this list. Picking between your bias and bias wrecker should be the most stressful part about this one. We were always stuck at some point, can we just close our eyes and pick?!


Replying to @1117club The girls version is finally up! Have fun! #kpop #thisorthat

♬ talk that talk twice sped up – 🦊 kpopvrycs 🦊

  • If you enjoyed finding your ideal type among the males, let us know which female idol you’ve been tilting your head for a long while. But, we’re positive that there’s another female idol that would stop you from tilting your head, care to share who’s that for you?
  • Also, let’s say you’re a ONCE, and you have to choose between Nayeon and Jihyo, who would you choose then? It’s all fun and games not until you have to weigh which is your ideal type IRL among all these idols. We stopped ours with Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi, we just can’t pick!

4) GG Bracket

Having a hard time finding who’s your girl group ult? Well, you should take on one of the hardest challenges we found here on TikTok. This is similar to the BG Bracket, but this time girl groups take over.


being a girl group multi stan makes this filter so hard😭😭😭😭 #kpopggbracket #kpopgg

♬ Like It Hot – GWSN

  • Tilt your head, left or right, and choose which girl group you want better. The choices range from 1st generation up to the latest 4th generation.
  • Do you know what’s crazy? Once you finish both sides of the bracket, you possibly end up with two of your favorite groups. Who’s your ult GG then? Ours is DREAMCATCHER!

5) KPOP 2022 This or That

2022 has been truly remarkable with all the tracks released the whole year. Newly debuted groups, 2nd generation comebacks, and more groups and soloists fight for the SOTY award. If we got the same choices as LE SSERAFIM’s ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ and NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’, it would be safe for us not to answer too.


DONT EVEN! I WILL NEVER PICK A FAVORITE HYBE GIRL GROUP!!!! #lesserafim #antifragile #antifragilelesserafim #hypeboy #newjesns #hypeboynewjeans #hybe #hybegirlgroup

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 마티랜드🐰마티🐰 – 마티랜드🐰마티🐰

  • If you plan to pick your 2022 SOTY or Song Of The Year, check out this filter. All significant releases can be found here, from TREASURE, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, SEVENTEEN, and more.
  • You have to choose which track from the 2022 K-pop releases should be your SOTY. This TikTok filter game does not stop, so if you want to get a sight of all the songs, then continue moving your head left and right.

TikTok has never been more entertaining with all the filter games that fans continue to create. Also, hands down to all creators of them like the 1117club (they created the first four Kpop filters here) and theianlau_ (created KPOP 2022 This or That) for these Kpop filters on TikTok!

Did you try on the different TikTok Kpop filters above? Feel free to share your results in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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