TikTok: Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney comes out as ‘lesbian’

Dylan Mulvaney TikTok transgender influencer lesbian coming out

Transgender influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney has left netizens baffled with her revelation on TikTok that she is a ‘lesbian’. An old video has resurfaced where the 26-year-old controversial internet personality explains how she is attracted to women. Mulvaney is a biological male who transitioned to female only in 2022. Her ‘coming out’ as a lesbian is just the latest in a long list of controversies. 

Dylan Mulvaney became popular by documenting her gender transition on TikTok in a series called ‘365 Days of Girlhood’. However, she started making headlines in the past couple of months thanks to her collaboration with Anheuser-Busch and Nike. The marketing deals sparked global outrage from conservatives who believe transgender people are ‘erasing’ women from popular media. 

Exploring Dylan Mulvaney’s ‘coming out’ TikTok video

In 2022, transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney shared a brief video on TikTok speaking about how she might be a ‘little bit romantically interested in women’. The California-based influencer had apparently revealed this to her parents, leaving them completely confused. 

Mulvaney explains that her parents were shocked because for the last ten years, they have had to deal with multiple changes in her identity. Back when she was a biological male, Dylan Mulvaney first came out as gay stating that she was attracted to men.

Later, Mulvaney came out as ‘queer’ which basically means she doesn’t correspond to heterosexual gender identity norms. After this, she chose to be ‘non-binary’ implying that she does not belong to the traditional two genders of male and female. 

In 2022, Dylan Mulvaney started her gender transition journey to start being identified as a female transgender person. Now, she explained that she finds herself attracted to women which means that she is a lesbian.

Dylan Mulvaney’s father reacts to ‘lesbian’ video

In the video, Dylan Mulvaney also discusses her father’s initial response to her decision to come out as a lesbian transgender woman. Mulvaney’s dad said that he would love to see his daughter get someone pregnant

TikTok Dylan Mulvaney coming out lesbian transgender
Dylan Mulvaney before and after transition (Image courtesy of TikTok and The Skimm)

However, Dylan Mulvaney clarified her father’s assumption and said that it will be her who gets pregnant in the relationship. It’s important to note that transgender women who were born without a uterus cannot give birth. This goes against Mulvaney’s claims. 

Furthermore, her dad had responded that she would ‘need a vagina’ to have a baby for which Mulvaney said ‘never say never’. She went on to discuss how her mother wanted her to own property in California more than even having a baby. 

Social media reactions for Dylan Mulvaney coming out

Despite the video being considerably old, Twitter users are attacking it as if Dylan Mulvaney just announced her change in sexual orientation. It is evident that a large portion of netizens disagree with Mulvaney’s views and identity. 

The majority of the comments against Dylan Mulvaney suggest that the transgender influencer is a straight male pretending to be a female due to a mental illness. Even left-wing activists seem hesitant to come in support of Mulvaney’s polarizing statements as they do more harm than good to the LGBTQ+ community. 

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