To all TikTok users out there, have you tried or stumbled upon this Little Miss Quiz trend on the app? This trend has been going on since last month and many people have their videos. As of now, the hashtag #littlemiss already has 180.2 million views and #littlemissquiz has 120k views. But what is this Little Miss and how do you play the quiz?

Little Miss originated in a children’s book series from 1981 by Roger Hargreaves. It introduced different characters which are Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty, and Little Miss Sunshine. Until then, it continues to bring out a variety of characters, especially for children.

Now let’s head into the Little Miss Quiz, it was created by vickova on This website allows you to identify “Which Little Miss Do I Think You Are?” by answering random questions. After answering, it is going to generate a specific kind of little miss for you. Therefore, the trend on TikTok was born.

How to play the Little Miss Quiz?

    • Now that you are on the website. You have to enter your name first so you can move on with the quiz.
Screengrab Courtesy of Little Miss Quiz

  • Answer the 7 random questions
    • You have to answer the 7 random questions in the quiz. The answer to the questions is all preferably to your liking. So don’t worry since there are no wrong answers.
Screengrab Courtesy of Little Miss Quiz
    • These questions are also going to determine which kind of Little Miss are you.

  • Your results are in, are you Little Miss ______?
    • After answering the questions, you now know which kind of Little Miss are you.
    • Your result also comes with a short description and a little advice about your Little Miss character.
Screengrab Courtesy of Little Miss Quiz

  • Go share your results on TikTok!
    • Now that you know the result, you may want to join the trend. Just get the screenshot of your result. Then post it on TikTok the way you want it to be with your creativity.
    • To have an idea, watch this TikTok video below. But you can also check these hashtags #littlemiss and #littlemissquiz for other ideas you would like to try.
@r.and.u.m quiz link #fyp #fpryoupage #littlemiss

♬ leni – sped up songs ꨄ

Feed into your curiosity and find out which kind of Little Miss are you. So have fun trying out the quiz and making your TikTok!

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or let us know what Little Miss character you get in the quiz in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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