TikTok: What happened to the New York Sidewalks? Watch Viral Video Here

TikTok viral New York sidewalks

With a viral TikTok video, Casey Neistat has turned all heads towards the sidewalks of New York City and their poor condition. Despite being renowned as one of the greatest cities in the world, NYC’s sidewalks are currently in a questionable state as shown by the veteran YouTuber. His viral video has sparked conversations in the public forum about the safety of New York’s infrastructure. Let’s take a look at the viral TikTok video of what happened to the sidewalks in New York City. 

Casey Neistat’s viral TikTok of New York sidewalks

With over 12.6 million YouTube subscribers and a million TikTok followers, Casey Neistat truly has the power to bring real change with his content. And the social media superstar has done exactly that with his latest viral video of New York City’s sidewalks.

Captioned “Gotta watch out on New York City sidewalks,” the video has taken the internet by storm. We see Casey as he casually walks along a Tribeca sidewalk when he notices a crack on the pavement. The crack looked normal until he decided to explore it.

Casey Neistat dipped his toe inside the crevice and the sidewalk started to crumble into pieces. It truly looked as if someone had entered an ancient cave from centuries ago. After the sidewalk collapses, it reveals a lot of empty space under the streets. 

The vlogger put his camera inside the gap and it turns out it wasn’t just a surface issue. The chasm went several feet deep and even had underground pipes. It’s almost as if it opened up a secret entrance to NYC’s urban myth of ‘mole people.’

What happened to the NYC sidewalks?

What we see in Casey Neistat’s viral TikTok video is officially called a cave-in according to NYC 311. It’s essentially a collapse in the pavement which reveals a deep empty space without a solid bottom. By definition, this is different from a pothole which is shallower. 

Casey Neistat’s TikTok video of the crumbling sidewalks in New York amassed over 17 million views in just 16 hours. NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) verified that the video was, in fact, real and not a gimmick for social media traction.

DOT’s press secretary Vincent Barone said that they have issued violations for this sidewalk defect to the responsible property owner and to expedite repairs. They have barricaded this location for pedestrian safety until the issue gets resolved. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that New York City has had issues with its sidewalks and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. Since 2019, there have been 35 reports of cave-ins. Last month, a sidewalk hole near a subway station became big enough to see trains running beneath it.

Social media reactions to the incident

The viral video caused quite a stir across social media platforms like X (Twitter) and TikTok. Netizens joked that Casey Neistat had uncovered ‘Old York’ and suggested that he should have fallen into the hole and sued the city for damages.

image courtesy of X (Twitter)

Others took aim at New York City’s skyrocketing real estate prices and said landlords would advertise a studio with this space for thousands of dollars. Jokes apart, the situation also raised concern from New Yorkers as they believe no one is doing anything to fix it. 

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