TikTok: What is the Fav Princess Peach Filter Trend?
The Princess Peach filter has been banned (Image via TikTok)

All ages have found fun and information on TikTok. The platform has introduced many challenges, news articles, fashion trends, video modifications, and other things. However, unfortunately, it appears that some of the fun filters have been added to TikTok’s list of prohibited items. The mysterious Favorite Princess Peach filter is one of the most recent TikTok trends that has captured the attention of the short-form video site, following the turbulence trend.

Users were drawn in by this filter on TikTok, known for its vivid and diverse content. However, they soon learned a twist that surprised many and left them both laughing and shocked.

It’s totally inappropriate to use the TikTok “Favorite Princess Peach” filter

Princess Peache filter has been inspired by the character in Mario
Princess Peach filter has been inspired by the character in Mario (Image via Mario Brothers)

In this new TikTok trend, a graphic filter known as the Fav Princess Peach has gone viral recently, shocking online users. Controversial filters are nothing new to the thriving short-form video-sharing platform, and the latest trend to join this is the Fav Princess Peach. However, it has drawn some criticism online.

The Princess Peach character from the Mario video game series is the inspiration for the Fav Princess Peach Filter. But unlike the video game, it has been labeled as a “Not Safe For Work” or NSFW filter on TikTok. The intention of this filter is probably to startle or insult the user by unexpectedly showing explicit content.

In general, NSFW content is not suitable for all viewers and may go against TikTok’s community rules. TikTok has filters and mechanisms in place to find and get rid of such stuff.

A number of content producers who had previously used the Fav Princess Peach Filter trend and even uploaded their responses to it have claimed that TikTok “banned” the filter. Videos of people’s astonished reactions to the filter are still available on TikTok.

Unfortunately, people decided to try this filter in order to take advantage of this. As a result, this trend and the filter have gone wild on the platform.

What is Fav Princess Peach filter trend on TikTok?

Users of TikTok all across the world are accustomed to this kind of filter. To evaluate users’ preferences for enjoyment, the application allowed TikTok users to create numerous filters with the same look.

  • Choose your K-pop idol, “your favorite girl group,” and more K-pop-specific filters are available. It goes without saying that there are other TV show characters available, such as “who’s your favorite character in this specific TV show,” and more.

For Fav Princess Peach, users who apply the filter are shown two pictures of the Super Mario Bros’ princess character. The first image features Princess Peach posing with her hands crossed, while the second depicts her looking shocked while extending one hand.

Participants need to incline their heads in that direction to choose an image. After the user makes their pick, the other picture is changed into an NSFW (explicit or inappropriate) image of Princess Peach, regardless of the image they initially selected.

Those eager viewers who wanted to try TikTok’s Fav Princess Peach Filter might be horrified by what they have seen. With that, we advise users to report this explicit content on the application, and we hope that TikTok takes immediate action to ban these NSFW filters.

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