I am a surgeon TikTok meme viral The Good Doctor
The viral 'I am a surgeon' meme from The Good Doctor (Image courtesy of TikTok)

Almost out of thin air, the medical drama series The Good Doctor has gone viral on TikTok. And it’s all because of one ‘interesting’ scene that sparked a meme fest. In the scene, the titular doctor goes all out and screams, “I am a surgeon!” to his supervisor, who responds with a poker face. Taken out of context, the clip totally grabbed people’s attention on social media. Since then, TikTok has been abuzz with tons of ‘I am a surgeon’ remixes.

The American version of The Good Doctor was originally adapted from a South Korean drama. The show has been on TV since 2017 and has a loyal fanbase. But it was this one scene that caught the eye of TikTok users. Now, a new ironic fandom thinks the show is hilariously over-the-top. Other ‘out of context’ clips from the show are also going viral as we speak. 

‘I am a Surgeon’ from The Good Doctor, explained

The main character of The Good Doctor is Dr. Sean Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, an autistic surgeon with savant syndrome. Known for his dramatic performance, his scenes started spreading beyond the show’s dedicated fanbase on TikTok as meme fodder.

The ‘I am a Surgeon’ scene faced the same fate and became a joke. It shows Freddie Highmore, with tears in his eyes, shouting, “I am a surgeon!” to Dr. Jackson Han, played by Daniel Dae Kim.


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In that scene’s context, Dr. Han worries that Murphy’s social awkwardness might cause problems. So he considers not letting him participate in an important surgery. This makes Murphy explode emotionally, and Highmore’s character starts crying and screaming, “I am a surgeon!” 

What made The Good Doctor’s scene click and go viral?

So, the question remains: why is this meme so funny? It’s because people who haven’t seen the show don’t understand the context. They immediately think that Freddie Highmore’s character always acts aggressively. 

The Good Doctor meme I am a surgeon Daniel Dae Kim Freddie Highmore
Daniel Dae Kim and Freddie Highmore (Image courtesy of TV Insider)

The ‘I am a Surgeon’ scene from The Good Doctor went all the way from sincere appreciation to ironic humor in an instant. While some were confused by its popularity, it attracted new fans who wanted to explore the show’s content and create memes.

It’s all about the contrast between Murphy’s wild outburst and Han’s ‘meh’ reaction. Daniel Dae Kim’s Dr. Han became a meme himself. Despite being a negative character, fans dig his cool demeanor and stoic reaction. They now call themselves “Hanpilled.” 

How did ‘I am a surgeon’ become a TikTok phenomenon?

The “I am a surgeon” scene from The Good Doctor really seems to have resonated with people on social media. One TikTok post of the scene got over 20 million views.

As the scene became more popular, it got the classic TikTok trend treatment with trippy effects and funny captions. The scene spread like wildfire into other platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

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