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Scarlett and Tiana are spreading positivity on TikTok through daily affirmations. However, new controversy makes netizens question their legitimacy.

Who are Scarlett and Tiana?

Tiana Haneline is the mother of Scarlett Gray Smith from Myrtle Beach. The mother-and-daughter duo is famous on TikTok for spreading positivity through daily affirmations. These videos have taken over the internet with adorableness and let them reach 5.6 million followers on their TikTok account.

  • Scarlett Gray Smith is a 5-year-old girl who does a daily ritual with her mother Tiana Haneline. The ritual is simple: Scarlett recites positive affirmations and compliments while her mother does her hair. This mix of simplicity, wholesomeness, and positivity is bringing a hopeful change to many lives.
  • However, there is a deeper reason behind the uploading of these adorable daily affirmation videos on TikTok which have touched the hearts of people around the world.


The reason behind Scarlett and Tiana’s ritual

Tiana Haneline and Scarlett have always shared daily affirmations but they thought of posting them online during the Black Lives Matter protests. Scarlett is mixed race while Haneline is white. Therefore, the mother is aware of how her world can be different from her daughter’s.

  • During an interview with Good Morning America, Haneline shares that she knows the world is going to look at her child as a black woman rather than a mixed-race woman. Therefore, instilling the thoughts of “I love my brown skin, I am beautiful, my curls are beautiful” are necessary.
  • The mother knows the world wouldn’t change in a day or even years which is why she wishes for her child to have the strength to face it when the day comes. She shares how she doesn’t want Scarlett to get bothered when someone calls her names.

  • Haneline emphasizes how many negative people are in the real world. This made her want to be proactive in creating a positive self-image for her daughter. She is flawless and beautiful. Therefore, she should see it in herself too.
  • However, a controversy surrounding the parenting of Tiana is taking over the internet. This controversy is now starting to make people question what the account of the duo stands for.
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This is a clip from Scarlett and Tiania’s TT account posted by another TikToker in order to expose how much T exploits her daughter. In this clip T doesn’t realize the video is recording her when she thinks she’s off camera. Warning! It’s a very hard video to watch. Original date posted 01/07/23 from fellowshipofthebib

The controversy between Tiana and Scarlett

A few days ago, a TikToker shared clips of Tiana seemingly forcing Scarlett to appear on the screen when she didn’t want to. Such videos are making their fans and followers question the meaning behind their intentions – especially the parenting idea of Tiana.

  • Netizens are expressing their anger and disappointment in Tiana for using her daughter as clout to gain fame. Such behaviors take away the meaning behind why they started using positive affirmations and turn the whole thing into a toxic mess.
  • Currently, these claims are backed with videos shared through TikTok. However, Tiana is yet to share her statement related to the controversy.
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Effects of Daily Affirmations

According to Healthline, your brain’s ability to adapt to different circumstances throughout life, helps us understand what makes affirmations work. It also provides a guide to why they can fail to work.

  • Our brain at times finds it hard to differentiate between reality and imagination, which can be harmful or useful according to individuals’ attempts.
  • The thoughts we produce are the reality in our minds. It wouldn’t question you of their factuality if you say something negative. Similarly, if you create an image of overcoming fears and tackling troubles successfully, your brain believes you.
  • Affirmations are proven to help strengthen self-worth by boosting your self-confidence. They can also help regulate the feelings of panic, stress, and self-doubt that often trigger anxiety, but only when they are done right. One can not expect results from forced affirmations as they are based on your beliefs.

  • Scarlett and Tiana started their videos as a reminder that positivity doesn’t stop or fade away just because the world has been bad. However, if the rumors are true then these could have adverse effects on Scarlett.
  • Do you believe the new Tiana and Scarlett controversy affects their videos and how effective do you find affirmations to be? Let us know in the comments, and follow Spiel Times for more content about entertainment, gaming, and sports.
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