TikTok: Who are the Texas Sisters that went Viral over Bangs Haircut? | Watch Video Here

Texas sisters

A lot has already gone viral on social media for various reasons. But who would have thought that one could earn millions of views after a haircut gone wrong? This actually happens on TikTok, and many now want to know who the Texas sisters that went viral over bangs haircut are.

Who are the Texas Sisters that went Viral over Bangs Haircut?

Valentina and Camelia are the Texas sisters that went viral over bangs haircut on TikTok. Everything started when Valentina, the oldest sister who’s 15 years old, began recording a “get unready with me” video of herself for her social.

But what could have been a usual clip showing a teenager removing her makeup turned into a nightmare. Valentina first shared the recording on her TikTok page, @palmview956oficial, last week and received almost 4 million views in an instant.

Texas Sisters TikTok Viral Video
Screengrab Courtesy of palmview956oficial via TikTok (@palmview956oficial)

However, the post really took off when it was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by @kingbealestreet and had 148.7 million views as of this writing. “This is literally a coming of age [sic] movie,” she captioned the clip.

Gresia, the sisters’ mom, told MyRGV via KSat that she first shared the clip on her TikTok page. However, the account was banned due to the children screaming, so she made a new account and reposted it.

The Viral Texas Sisters Haircut: Watch Video Here

Many can surely relate to these girls’ antics. The six-minute clip started with the nine-year-old Khaleesi borrowing scissors from Valentina. As a kind sister, the latter gave her a pair and reminded her to “be careful.”

However, she was surprised when a loud scream followed quickly after. “Khaleesi cut my hair. I told you. I told you right here,” the eight-year-old Camelia told Valentina.


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Things worsened when Gresia heard the commotion and went to their room to investigate. And to make things go downhill even more, it was revealed the next day was picture day.

As the sisters knew that the Wi-Fi would be turned off if they misbehaved, the girls banded together to keep the hair mishap a secret from their mom. The girls managed to fend off their mom. Valentina even convinced their younger sister, Magdelena, 3, to stay quiet in exchange for a cook while she Googled how to cut Camelia’s hair properly.

Thankfully, Valentina has saved the day and fixed her sister’s hair. You can watch the video below:

Netizens React to the Viral Haircut Video

As expected, many have shared their reactions to the viral Texas sisters’ haircut video. As the clip ran for a whopping six minutes, @prettyrising said it was the only video she watched longer than a minute. “‘ What have you done to my life’ had me crying,” she added.

Another claimed that these girls “are really something.” But Gresia revealed people going through depression claimed this clip made their day. Others said their siblings had died, and the video made them think of their lost loved ones.

After it went viral, Gresia revealed there are now people asking to take pictures with them. “We are very humbled by it,” she admitted.

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