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Conspiracy Videos about Andy Kapt are making rounds on TikTok following mysteries around him. But what are these talks about a giant that made Andy Kapt famous? Let’s find out.

Who is Andy Kapt?

Andy Kapt is a TikTok personality famous for sharing conspiracy theories through his account. He uses the pseudonym Andy Kapt while his real name is Anderson Dawson. The TikToker surrounds himself with mysteries due to his content and dramatic events following some questionable videos.

  • His obituary shared through Campbell River Mirror let people know more about the mysterious TikToker. Kapt was born on November 4, 1947. Sadly, he passed away on July 1, 2022. He was a married man and father.
  • This obituary created havoc for his over 56,000 followers. It added fuel to his suspicious disappearance and sparked a fair few questions from viewers of the platform.
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Reasons Behind Kapt’s Fame and Disappearance

Andrew Dawson’s fame began when on April 10, he posted a video in which he claims to have seen a ‘giant’ on top of a snowy mountain in Canada.

  • In the clip, Andy Kapt’s driving along when he zooms into something that does look a bit like a giant person. However, some uncertainties and doubts remain as the video is taken from far away and we can not eliminate the chance of It being anything else.
  • “It’s a person dude,” you can hear him saying in the background. “No seriously, pull over. It’s a person standing there.” The clip went viral and Kapt shared he intended of going closer to find a better angle before asking people to help him call for a helicopter.
  • He shares in another video that perhaps the bizarre video can get viral. If this happens, there is a chance of him receiving sponsorship. He shared hopes of receiving help from some helicopter company to get up there.

  • After the original video reached four million views, he continued documenting himself trying to capture the strange Giant over the coming days. However, the suspected creature wasn’t there anymore.
  • The matters become somewhat strange after Andy Kapt’s claims of being stopped by a CIA agent. He shares receiving directions to halt, more than once, for trespassing and blocking the road.
  • Such conspiracies kept coming from him making him viral among conspiracy theorists. In another video, he claims of seeing a bizarre light in the sky- possibly a UFO. Then, he claimed people were doing a heli extraction and removing something from the mountain.
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What Happened Next?

Andy Kapt went missing from the platform after posting about the mystery of Giant. This provoked the rumors of his demise. However, on May 7, he shared an official update saying “I’m not dead, I have not disappeared. I have just been busy with life.”

  • He also apologized for disappointing everyone disclosing all the videos that he posted were scripted. He reveals they were fake and strictly for entertainment purposes. However, he later contradicted himself in the following video and said all the videos were true before eerily saying, people might not see him ever again.
  • His final video shared on May 18 was of a strange wooden building on top of a mountain which he captioned “military” and he hasn’t posted on TikTok since.


After all of those suspicious events, videos, and claims unfortunately the creator Andy Kapt died on July 01, 2022. Some believe his death is connected with the mysterious contents while others claim it all to be a coincidence.

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