TikTok: Who is Breanna Straus and why is she famous?

Breanna Straus is getting famous again after her deleted TikTok video is making the rounds on the Internet again. When the video was first posted, Breanna Straus says some controversial things about the privilege of working in law enforcement.

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Some netizens who haven’t seen the video yet are confused: who is Breanna Straus? Is there a reason why her name is famous? Here’s a breakdown of what’s happened in the last few months after Breanna Straus posted that controversial TikTok video.

Breanna Straus is a Washington police offer who became famous on TikTok

  • People seem to forget the power of the Internet nowadays. If you post something and then decide to delete it after a while, chances are someone already has a copy of your post saved somewhere.
  • It seems that Breanna Straus didn’t realize this until it was too late. This officer for the Washington Federal Way Police Department (FWDP) learned the hard way that the Internet never forgets.

Federal way Washington cop’s TikTok video that got her only 10-hour suspension without pay. After the video was picked up by the media
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  • Although Straus took down the video after it gained traction on TikTok, someone got their hands on a copy and re-uploaded the video. In the video originally posted last July, we see Straus sitting inside a police car complete with her uniform on display.
  • Straus then starts addressing her followers on TikTok about recognizing law enforcement when they’re on the road. This is what the Washington police officer had to say about other cars on the freeway:

“If we’re driving on the freeway with our police cars, get the f— out of the way,” Straus begins saying. “If you merge, and we follow behind you and we merge too, you’re probably in trouble.”

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She proceeds to assert her authority over her followers by saying she “can run 90 miles an hour”. This didn’t sit well with those who saw it on TikTok and it didn’t take long for TikTok users to report Straus to her employers.

  • But what really poked the bear in TikTok users was when Straus proudly showed off that officers like her can “find a reason” to pull you over. To stop this from happening, the best thing you can do is get out of their way and let them pass you on the freeway, according to Straus.

Netizens weren’t satisfied with the punishment Breanna Straus received from the FDWP

  • The formal investigation launched by the FWDP yielded nothing significant. According to a report from Seattle Weekly, the police department found nothing about Straus’ previous disciplinary issues.
  • Straus’ name is gaining traction again after various users uploaded her deleted video on sites like Twitter and Reddit.

  • Instead of firing her as most netizens wanted, the FWDP gave Straus a 10-hour suspension with no pay. When word got out of this slap-on-the-wrist punishment for Straus, users from all over the Internet were quick to find her August 2021 swearing-in ceremony.
  • We’re not entirely sure what made Straus say the things she said in the video. Was it purely power-tripping on her part or did she have a bad encounter with a driver on the freeway?

As a public servant, it is her duty to serve and protect civilians. But the deleted video just showed how she takes the opportunity to abuse her authority since she is in a position of power.

Do you think the 10-hour suspension was enough to teach Breanna Straus a lesson? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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