In a short span of time, Grace Charis has managed to make a significant mark on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and of course, OnlyFans. On the surface, Grace Charis is a golfer but it’s evident that she isn’t famous just for her golfing skills. Read to find out who Grace Charis is and why she is famous on TikTok.

Grace Charis on TikTok

At just 19 years old, Grace Charis has over 2.8 million followers on TikTok, and her golfing videos have over 48 million likes. She has less than a hundred videos on TikTok and yet her followers and engagement shadows influencers who have way more videos. 

Grace Charis TikTok famous golf OnlyFans
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  • Grace Charis mostly posts videos of herself on a golf course in fashionable and revealing sportswear that accentuate her stunning figure. In terms of actual golf, Grace Charis barely even takes a shot or shows off her professional skills. 
  • Most of the time, she is seen getting off her golf cart in slow motion while chartbusting music plays in the background. However, this seems to be more than enough reason for her followers to be obsessed with her.

Why is she famous?

If you are familiar with the story of Paige Spiranac, it’s easier to understand Grace Charis’ rise to fame. Following the footsteps of the former, Grace Charis is known primarily as a golfer but attributes most of her popularity to her alluring looks and sexy outfits.

  • We all know eye candy sells best on platforms like TikTok and Grace Charis definitely knows what she’s doing. Most importantly, she knows what her fans desire about her. Her golf course videos invite thousands of thirst comments from her male fans, and she loves all the attention.

In fact, one of her latest videos features her finally hitting a golf ball for the first time. Both her fans and Grace herself seemed to be surprised as she mouths “OMG” after teeing off.

OnlyFans and Instagram

Grace Charis has more posts on OnlyFans than her TikTok and Instagram. Her NSFW posts on the subscription platform have over 120,000 likes and there’s a good reason for it. While she calls herself your favorite golf girl on her Instagram account, her OnlyFans bio claims, “Yeah, I got an NFT.. Nice F—in T–ties..” 


Power on the golf swing #golf #fypシ #foryoupage #sports

♬ son original – Teen_Wolf_fan_86

  • On Twitter, she has over 383.6K followers while her Instagram account has over 963K followers. She does have her fair share of old-fashioned and orthodox critics. It’s inevitable that people would find it odd that a young woman can quickly rise to fame by just flaunting herself and her body.

  • There are longer videos of Grace Charis playing golf on her YouTube channel which now has over 552K followers. Her meteoric rise on all these social platforms is only expected to grow exponentially over time.

Despite not being a pro golfer like Paige Spiranac, Grace Charis has successfully mirrored her strategy of using her good looks to grow her following on TikTok and OnlyFans. 

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