TikTok, who is Jake Fuller and why is he famous

Hello there, readers, we’re now back with some TikTok news. If you haven’t been active on the video streaming platform, then you may not have encountered Jake Fuller. Now we’re talking, who is Jake Fuller and why is he famous? Well, you may want to proceed reading below about this famous TikToker. Although if you’re a fan of MTV’s Catfish, you may be familiar with this name. Let’s know everything may want to about Jake Fuller, shall we?


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Jake Fuller and why is he famous?

The young 21-year-old American rose to fame on his TikTok video content. He is known for his comedic videos, lip-syncing, and even dance videos on the platform. Fuller started his TikTok videos on July 2019 and re-debuted with a new account on August 2019 after being banned.


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  • Jake Fuller is currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee and is said to live around the campus. He’s been active on social media as he consistently updates his TikTok videos. Moreover, he has quite a wide reach on his Instagram with around 57,000 followers. You may want to look at Jake Fuller below, and maybe the face makes you remember him.
Who is Jake Fuller, instagram
Image Courtesy of @itsnotjakefuller via Instagram
  • Currently, his account on TikTok remains private, so be sure to follow him to see his content. He has 1.2 million followers on the platform, and less than 52 million likes. The TikTok content made him famous, that’s on point. However, it may not be the reason his name got really known, maybe the Catfish episode.

MTV’s Catfish episode

This would probably be another reason why Jake Fuller became famous. Well, being seen on TV would instantly have your name known to its viewers, and maybe Fuller went to the right show. Maybe he wanted to be on TV, and fortunately (and unfortunately), he met some girl on Instagram. We introduce you to the Jake and Taylor story that made it the Catfish series on TV.

  • If you haven’t seen Fuller on TikTok, perhaps on television you did. So one day, he met a girl on Instagram named Taylor. They chatted and even reached the level of talking on FaceTime. Although, Fuller claims that she always hides her face when they video call.
Who is Jake Fuller, mtv catfish
Screengrab Image Courtesy of MTV Catfish via YouTube
  • The dude reached out to Catfish as he figured something wrong. Hosts Nev and Kamie featured Jake Fuller in an episode, as he laid out what happened. Jake explained that Taylor would ghost him, would hide her face, and would even send him money, which urged him to reach out to Catfish. He definitely wanted to know who the girl was.
  • From there, they may have found Taylor, although her real name is Amanda. The girl admits to catfishing Jake as she reveals that she’s up to no good in making friends as she experienced being bullied. She went to the extent of giving money to influencers or social media personalities like Jake Fuller the money just to talk to her.

  • However, Jake agrees that he’s partly done wrong as well. He received the money from Amanda and admitted that he regrets taking it, while on the other hand, Amanda feels bad for taking advantage of Jake. As the episode ends, the two parties agreed to remain friends.

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SOURCES: @pancakejake1230 on TikTok, @itsnotjakefuller on Instagram
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