TikTok: Who is Stella Barey and why is she Trending?

If you’re on TikTok, have you stumbled upon the name Stella Barey? And if you’re curious, she’s a controversial adult content creator and TikTok star from Los Angeles, California. Since 2022, her name began making noise on the internet, and recently she trends again. This time, Stella Barey talked about admitting to having strep due to excrement licking. Now, who is Stella Barey on TikTok and why does she trend?

The 24-year-old Stella Barey rose to popularity as an OnlyFans star. She claims to have made up to $285,000 a month selling explicit content of herself, and she says she has “no boundaries” when it comes to what she’s prepared to do to rake in cash.

Stella Barey’s shocking admission: Why she is trending

Recently, Stella came under fire after a clip of her making a grim admission began circulating on TikTok. She admitted to having licked her excrement off people. She shared that she even contracted strep.

  • A bacterial infection resulting in symptoms including sore throat, rash, muscle pain, swelling, nausea, and vomiting, as a result of poop play.

  • Stella Barey admitted this ‘disgusting’ act in a YouTube podcast, The Iced Coffee Hour. “You know I actually don’t have any boundaries… I have gotten Strep five times from licking my own poop off of people. I’m telling you I have no boundaries,” Barey said.
  • The clip gained traction on TikTok which resulted in an amount of backlash. Stella’s comment section was flooded with people calling her “gross” and “disgusting.” She also revealed that she uploaded this content on OnlyFans, but, the application does not allow anything “messy” anymore.
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  • With all the backlash, Stella Barey defended herself. She claims that she doesn’t do it regularly anymore and that she makes sure it’s “usually” clean when she does. This left people confused about how she “usually ensures it’s clean.”

Despite the backlash and confusion, Stella doesn’t seem to be bothered. In another video, after her “final word” clip, she posted something about women canceling her. The written text on the video says, “When women try to cancel me but it’s men on the deep dark disgusting depths of the internet who pay my bills.” Well, we can’t seem to fully understand what she said there, but it may involve a few more unimaginable things though, we’ll never know.


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Who is Stella Barey?

The 24-year-old is known on social media for explicit content and is an OnlyFans star from Los Angeles, California. Barey made a few controversies since last 2022. She recently revealed her plans to do a US tour and have sex with a fan in every single state, in The Iced Coffee Hour podcast. Despite some people’s doubts, Barey has stated that she is committed to making this happen and that she doesn’t care about looks when it comes to selecting her partners. She’s attracted more to the personality rather than the looks.

TikTok Stella Barey, onlyfans trending
Screengrab Courtesy of The Iced Coffee Hour podcast via YouTube
  • Barey reached over 600,000 followers on TikTok and is now in the top 0.01% of creators on OnlyFans. Her sexual career has allowed her to explore her sexuality, and she says her fans have been a huge inspiration to her. She has even said that she would love to sleep with many of them.
  • In the podcast, she said that if she reached another milestone of having 500,000 followers on Twitter, she thinks about doing the U.S. tour. Barey’s plans to sleep with a fan in every US state are part of a larger tour that she hopes to do. She has already started receiving applications from eager fans who want to be part of the experience.

For fans who are willing to undergo sexual health checks and be on video, Barey has said that they will definitely be in with a chance in the future. She believes that this would make for a great video, showcasing a regular guy having sex with her.

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Stella Barey is a controversial figure trending on TikTok, known for her explicit content and willingness to do almost anything for money. While some may find her actions disgusting, others seem to support her too. Regardless of how people feel about her, there’s no denying that she’s a trending topic on social media as of now.

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