TikTok: Who is Topher? + The viral video that made him famous

TikTok Topher Viral Video TopherTok

Who is the TikTok star Topher that trended TopherTok and what made his video go viral?  Most of you might already know, but let’s find out more about this Topher personality on TikTok.

Who is TikTok’s famed Topher?

A boy named Topher went viral last week after being featured in a TikTok video. The clip is uploaded from one of his family members’ accounts. Ever since his sass graced the internet, it opened an entire subgenre of memes and fan edits. Many users predict him as one of the biggest internet stars of 2023.

  • On December 24, a TikTok user @allycat.03 uploads a video without knowledge of the popularity it is going to generate. The TikToker is assumingly in relation to the iconic Topher. However, nothing much is revealed about the family and Topher.
  • We will make an update if more details about Topher are announced. Until then, let’s find out about his viral video.
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What was the video?

The TikTok video starring Topher consists of him and his family playing a game. The game is simple yet comical, with each member taking turns telling the camera which family member they would warn a stranger about if they were being introduced for the first time.

  • Many family members warned about Topher, and when it is Topher’s turn, he spoke with a fierce tone and heavy Southern accent. Without bothering to introduce himself as his other family members did, he coins the catchy attitude phase, “Y’all already know who I am, my name’s Topher,”
  • Viewers immediately fell for Topher’s personality. People also discovered him featured in prior videos from user Allycat.03. Following the viral video, it made the comment section flood with messages calling him a king and predicting his upcoming fame. The video from Christmas Eve quickly went viral, gaining over 34 million views and five million likes.
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The aftereffects of Topher going Viral on TikTok

Since the Topher video went viral, multiple hilarious Topher-dedicated pages have erupted online. They consist of fancams and punchy edits with the iconic line. The hashtag TopherTok with 41 million cumulative views, is currently on the rise.

  • Many famous Topher-theme clips edit him into an introductory scene from a movie or viral video. Then the iconic line follows, entertaining the audience.


  • According to Insider, one of the most popular fan videos is reaching milestones of more than two million views. It features the famous scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, in which Lord Voldemort asks Neville Longbottom who he is. Instead of Longbottom, user @bitch.n.brock edits in the trending clip of Topher, making the scene funnier.
  • Some creators are attempting and getting creative with Topher impressions. Although, Topher’s original video remains a fan favorite because, for them, his style is non-replicable.
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The algorithm is favorably recommending more and more Topher content to people. This is fueling the TopherTok content. It is still unpredictable what can go viral on the internet. There are several more videos featuring Topher on the account. However, all of them remain unmatchable to the craze of the original video.

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SOURCE: Insider

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