TikTok: Why did NCT Taeyong delete his video? | ‘Mocking’ Issue Explained

NCT Taeyong gets backlash for doing Chaewon meme dance challenge

Somebody’s humor is somebody’s mocking… This saying befits the recent controversy of NCT Taeyong. The star deleted one of his TikTok videos attempting a humorous challenge due to severe criticism and reprimands for allegedly mocking LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon. However, netizens share divided reactions to this controversy, so here’s an explanation of what happened.

Why did NCT Taeyong delete his recent TikTok video?

NCT Taeyong is just as famous for his uploads on short-form content-creating site TikTok as his magnanimous presence on stage. He is also one of the most active members of the boy group on the site, as he shares content on the group and his personal account.

  • However, one of his recent TikTok featuring his bandmates Johnny and Haechan landed the 28-year-old star into hot waters. The three group members participated in a new challenge following the group’s first NCT In Tokyo concert on September 17.
  • The avid K-pop fans quickly realized the origins of the audio used in the clip, which traces back to LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon. During one of the concerts of the global girl group in Seoul, Chaewon stammered over her line. Instead of reacting to the mistake, she gave up and continued with the performance to not mess up the beat.

  • This little slip-up soon went viral across the K-pop community as many expressed how adorably hilarious it was. Soon after, the video inspired many memes as fans joined to imitate it. BTS Jungkook also commented, laughing under one of the TikTok videos of the clip.
  • Following this, a creative fan remixed the mistake with a clip from the 2009 movie Wish. Subsequently, this inspired dancer MOJO to start a dance challenge. NCT Taeyong also joined this challenge with Johnny and Haechan, but he received the short end of the jokes, resulting in him deleting the clip.

Netizens reprimand NCT Taeyong’s dance challenge for mocking Chaewon

The original creator of the dance challenge, MOJO, garnered a positive reaction from FEARNOTs as they shared that Chaewon would find this hilarious. However, NCT Taeyong didn’t receive the same responses and ended up deleting the video.

  • The netizens shared that although the viral meme is something they can brush aside, creating a dance challenge out of it is mocking the singer. The comment section of the NCT’s rapper-dancer was filled with criticism and reprimand from angry netizens.
  • Meanwhile, the other section of netizens disputed that it wasn’t mocking Chaewon in any way. FEARNOTs also shared that Chaewon has previously mentioned the viral meme, saying she is okay with it as long as people find it funny.

  • The NCTzens and FEARNOTs began to support and defend the artist even more after he deleted the video. However, this mocking controversy is currently creating many discussions among the netizens as both sides try to explain their stand on the dance challenge.

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