TikTok: Woman frozen in street seen in a Viral Video | What happened?

TikTok woman frozen in street viral video

A short but bizarre video of a woman who appears frozen in time while walking in the street has gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok. The clip has sparked widespread reactions from all over the internet as people debate its authenticity. Others seem to use it as proof to claim that we are living in a ‘matrix,’ and the viral video is solid proof. Let’s take a look at the woman frozen in the street in the viral video and learn more. 

Viral TikTok video of a woman frozen in the street

The video seems like Snapchat footage taken in the UK. The clip starts seemingly innocent as the woman featured walks on the pavement in a residential area. However, when the clip zooms in and focuses on her, she becomes completely still.

The blonde woman is dressed in a black jumper and white trousers. For any viewer, the pedestrian’s choice to stop dead in her tracks and freeze comes as an absolute puzzle. 


NPC caught lacking #npc#malfunction

♬ original sound – uknown

The woman then snaps back to life, walking like nothing has happened. A user named ‘@unknown1575489‘ posted the viral video of the woman frozen in the street on TikTok. 

Featuring a caption that read ‘NPC caught lacking,’ the video amassed over 5.3 million views, 500k likes, and over 6000 comments discussing the clip. NPC refers to non-playable characters in video games.

Social media reactions to the viral video

The viral TikTok video of the woman seemingly frozen in the street led to an internet debate on what really happened. Regardless of the reasons they believed in, the clip sure left all its viewers scratching their heads in confusion.

Most of the comments and the caption for the viral TikTok video of the woman frozen in the street seem to suggest the same thing: we are living in a simulated world. Many people claim that the woman’s bizarre behavior is simply due to a ‘glitch in the matrix.’

Image courtesy of TikTok

Others made similar references to movies like The Truman Show and joked that the woman had gone to another dimension. However, some suggest that the video is just a case of good editing skills because even her hair seems to pause in time. 

Moreover, users also supported the woman as they shed light on medical conditions like the absence seizures and epilepsy, which could lead to such symptoms.

What’s a ‘glitch in the matrix’?

The term comes from the iconic Keanu Reeves sci-fi blockbuster, The Matrix, where the main character discovers he lives in a computer simulation. Any phenomenon that hints at the simulation not being the real world is called a glitch in the matrix

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate gave the term his own twist as he seemed to suggest that people are not aware of the system around them that supposedly controls them.

According to people who believe in this idea, the new viral TikTok video proves that we live in a matrix and that the woman’s act is just another glitch that proves it. Only recently, an American Airlines passenger had claimed that a person on board was ‘not real.’

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