A guy lets his kid drive his car around in a parking lot for practice which turned out to be a huge mistake. He records everything for TikTok and things were going well.. until his son quickly made it a real-life GTA joyride.

A lot of bizarre things can be found on TikTok nowadays. From new dance craze to absolutely nonsense skits, there are a million things you can see on this video-based social media.

In the beginning, the father stepped out to film his son while driving the car but crashed it instantly within just a few seconds. It was the most perfect “he knew he effed up moment” in TikTok history.

One of them is the luckiest father of 2022 (just kidding).

“Ah sh*t, here we go again” – CJ

Man Lets Son Drive Car GTA-Style
Photo Courtesy of WinStupidPrizes (via Reddit)

Ahead of his practice drive, the son said, “Watch me GTA style,” before drifting around the parking lot, dodging various obstacles in his path. (As indicated in the clip).

The kid seemed to know what he was doing at first. He was driving around, drifting, turning around, and suddenly, BAM! Just straight into the post. Fortunately, even though the car got wrecked, the kid was safe and was not injured. If that does not resemble GTA-style driving, then I do not know what will. It looked like his son was straight out of Los Santos!

Want to see how it went? Follow this link:  Kid joyrides his dad’s car “GTA style”  (Courtesy of WinStupidPrizes via Reddit)

If you ever feel unlucky, just remember there is this guy who just got his Honda hammered into a lamp post by his son!

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