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A new viral trend on social media apps like TikTok is turning out to be dangerous as it promotes theft and vandalism among viewers. The “Kia Challenge” is the newest social media trend which has car owners worried for their vehicles. Read on to find out more.

What is the “Kia Challenge” trending on social media apps like TikTok?

Another day, another challenge is becoming famous on social media sites like TikTok. However, this one is different since a seemingly harmless how-to video is being used by users to target those with Kia cars.

After a TikTok user called @robbierayyy uploaded a video this month demonstrating how to turn on a Kia car using a USB cable, it sort of went downhill from there. Once the video started making its rounds on the social media application, a new challenge was born: the “Kia Challenge.”

Kia Challenge TikTok - Kia
Image Courtesy of Kia Corporation

And soon enough, users started becoming more and more daring as they took on the “Kia Challenge”. When the video first came out, users who owned Kia vehicles would just try it out for themselves. However, there are those who immediately took advantage of the situation and set out to do the challenge on vehicles they do not own.

So it wouldn’t take long until one of the victims of this challenge would come forward and report it to the police.

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A Kia owner from Indiana is one of the victims of this social media challenge

Last July 21, 2022, FOX59 reported that a woman from Indiana is the latest victim of the “Kia Challenge” going viral on social media apps. According to the victim, the events took place on July 16. One of the victim’s family members woke her up to tell her that someone was trying to steal her car.

Alissa Smart is a 59-year-old woman living in Indiana. She claims that the people who attempted to steal her Kia Soul are teenagers judging by the fact that they stole bicycles and Mountain Dew from her garage. Furthermore, her wallet was also taken by the perpetrators.

Image Courtesy of FOX59

“This trend absolutely makes me feel disgusted. It’s really beyond me that people think it’s okay to post criminal acts, let alone participate in them after seeing them online.”

However, Kia owners are not the only potential victims here. According to authorities, both Hyundai and Kia vehicles have a design flaw. This flaw allows people to start a car once they have access to the vehicle’s steering column. So those with a Hyundai or Kia are most likely easy targets for thieves who want to take advantage of social media app trends like this.

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How to prevent and report the trend

Now that the police are involved, TikTok is asking for the community to report any videos related to the “Kia Challenge”. Once they are reported, TikTok will first review the content and take it down if it is harmful to the platform.

To report videos related to the challenge, simply log onto your TikTok application. If you come across a “Kia Challenge” video, press the white arrow on the side of the video. Then, press on the flag symbol which appears. This is the report button.

Afterwards, you need to give TikTok a reason why you’re reporting the video. You can just select “Illegal Activities” as your reason and then submit the report. Additionally, you can also report a profile on TikTok if you think they are promoting harmful activities.

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