Tinder Select: Is the $500 Exclusive Membership Worth It?

Tiinder Select $500 exclusive membership

Tinder is all set to revolutionize online dating once more with their new premium offering called Tinder Select. Priced at a whopping $500 per month, the exclusive membership promises features that would supposedly take dating to the next level. However, users remain skeptical of the hefty price tag and raise the question if it’s really worth it to spend so much money just to get a date. Let’s explore all the features of Tinder Select in detail and understand if the exclusive membership is really worth its $500 subscription cost. 

Tinder Announces $500 Select Exclusive Membership

When it comes to mobile dating apps, Tinder was the ultimate game-changer. Now, the company hopes to replicate the magic with its high-priced Select membership. The plan caters to a niche group of users who seek exclusivity and a more refined dating experience.

Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, believes Tinder Select could improve revenue. Company president Gary Swidler was optimistic that the offering, which could cost users up to $6,000 a year, would significantly boost the company’s bottom line.

The move comes at a time when Tinder has reported a decline in paying users, with a 4% year-over-year drop. This means approximately 10.5 million paying customers across its existing subscription tiers have left. 

Tinder Select is all about attracting a high-spending segment of daters. The exclusivity and appeal of connecting with the most sought-after profiles might be the draw that ultimately makes the premium subscription worth its price tag. 

All features of Tinder Select explained

So, what do you get for your $500 monthly investment in Tinder Select? According to the app, Select members will be seen by more users, including the most sought-after profiles. Given how crowded the app is, this increases the chances of finding a match.

Tinder Select also allows members to DM other users without having to match with them. However, they can initiate only up to two new conversations per week. You can even flaunt your Select status as an exclusive badge on your profile. 

For its hefty $500 price tag, it’s only fair that Tinder ditches its disruptive ads for Select members. Along with this, you get early access to new features. For example, Tinder Select profiles will be unblurred in the ‘Likes You’ grid, even for non-Gold/Platinum users. 

Joining Tinder Select and other premium dating apps

It takes more than just $500 to become an exclusive Tinder Select member. Your profile must have at least four photos, five interests, a bio with a minimum of 15 characters, and one verified photo. You also need to indicate your relationship intent beforehand. 

Interestingly, Tinder Select isn’t the first premium dating app tier. Another app called The League costs $1,000 per week. Unlike Tinder, it uses actual human matchmakers to justify its cost.

If the $500 price tag seems absurd, Tinder’s existing subscription tiers, like Gold or Platinum, start from $25 monthly. Hinge recently added a premium $50 tier called Hinge X, while Bumble reportedly added a new level above its current $60-per-month plan.

Is Tinder Select worth its hefty price tag?

Tinder Select may not fit into everyone’s monthly budget, but it drastically increases the chances of getting a match. If you’re someone with little to no luck with getting matches in the app’s crowded landscape, the exclusive membership might be of help.

Most importantly, remember that you’ll have to shell out thousands of dollars a year in the hopes of meeting a special someone. If you don’t mind burning a large hole in your pocket for the sake of love, Tinder Select is meant for you.

Furthermore, if going out and meeting people is definitely not your thing, then it’s worth investing in services like Tinder Select or The League. Otherwise, going the old-fashioned way will always overshadow such an exorbitant price.

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