Try out the multiplayer mode of EA’s shooter for nothing at all

“Titanfall 2 Multiplayer is so fun to play because of its great mechanics and a huge player base”, that’s why they said. Still I didn’t purchase it because I knew, EA’s gonna let me play it for free (also because I couldn’t afford it). And yeah! They did! Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is getting free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow.

The free trial period will kick off on December 2 and everyone with an Origin account could play Titanfall 2’s multiplayer for nothing at all. However, EA Access and Origin Access subscribers are enjoying the privilege already. For them, the free trail period began on November 30. Remember when EA announced Titanfall 2 won’t be a part of their Access programs? Well most probably because they had plans for this already.

Titanfall 2 released on October 28 priced at ₹3,499. Give yourself a break from work and try out the multiplayer for free. Here are the specs you’ll require to run Titanfall 2 on your PC.