Titanfall 2

Sad news for EA/Origin Access Subscribers. But for others, it isn’t a big deal.

EA fans have been waiting for Titanfall 2 for quite a long time. The game already seems massive with its beautiful playground, especially in the multiplayer. It did a great job gaining our attention with it’s new multiplayer reveal at Gamescom this year. Props to Respawn Entertainment for that.

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EA’s subscription-based services EA and Origin Access have been helping EA fans quite a lot. By paying a few bucks for the service, you can start playing a demo version of selected EA titles 5 days before release. Once you complete 10 hours of gameplay, it’s your choice whether to buy the full version or not.

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Unfortunately, EA or Origin Access users won’t get Titanfall 2 five days before hand. In a talk with GameReactor, Electronic Arts confirmed that Titanfall 2 won’t be part of the EA and Origin Access Subscription Services. The reason is uncertain.

This means subscribers won’t get early access, try it out for free or get 10% discount on the game’s purchase. EA adds that the game might get included in future, but not this year. At the end, we’ll all be playing the game on October 28.

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