Titanfall Weapons Coming To Apex Legends, According To The Dataminer

Is the dataminer correct this time?

Respawn Entertainment has recently released the second season of Apex Legends, introducing many new features such as the new Wattson Legend and new modes and game mechanics. Is that all the developer has in store for us? According to the dataminer, no, there’s a lot more.

According to what was discovered in the lines of code, it seems that new weapons and objects are also coming from Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Here is the complete list:

  • An extended magazine for shotgun
  • Experimental weapons and ammunition
  • bandolier
  • Signals for Leviathans
  • Softball (from Titanfall 2)
  • Rocket Launcher (by Titanfall and Titanfall 2)
  • Portable lighthouse for respawning
  • New sights
  • Stealth fire terminals
  • EPG (from Titanfall 2)
  • Shotgun (Titanfall 2 anti-titan weapon)
  • Cold War (from Titanfall 2)
  • CAR SMG (from Titanfall 2)
  • New sounds for the Leviathans
  • Interception signals
  • Traps
  • Volt

Obviously, all this information is not to be considered as official. Tendentially the discoveries of the dataminer are correct, but in any case, the rumor remains and until we have statements by Respawn Entertainment or Electronic Arts about it, we will not have certainties. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that some detail will change.

What do you think about what has been added so far? Do you think these new Titanfall weapons would be interesting to use or would you like something more revolutionary?


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