Screengrab Courtesy of Globle

There’s a never-ending addition to the world of Wordle. So now, we present Globle to you. If you’re someone who loves geography or just memorizes countries by heart, then this could be the right Wordle spin-off game for you.

But if you already play it often, here is your one-stop look to know the answer, clues, and hints for today’s Globle country. Let’s find it out together!

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July 7 (Thursday) Globle Mystery Country of the Day / Clues and Hints
  • It is found in Asia.
  • Southeast Asia to be specific.
  • Found between Thailand and Vietnam.
  • This country starts with the letter “L”

Check out the answer on the bottom part of this article.

What is Globle?

A quick game description for beginners about the Globle. This game is like Wordle but with a twist. Instead of guessing a wide word range of things, you are to guess different countries every day.

It restarts every day at midnight for the new country to guess. Not only that this game is exercising your brain to you mentally sharp but you also learn at the same time. Figuring out a lot of countries that exist in this world is quite fun too.

How to play Globle?

Globle is quite easy to play. Here’s your guide to playing it step by step.

  • All you have to do first is to type any country you have in mind and enter.
  • The hotter the color of the country you typed, it means that you’re closer to the range of the mysterious country of the day. For example:

    Screengrab Courtesy of Globle
  • Your wrong answer is going to indicate how close you are to the country.
  • There’s no definite number on how many tries you have. So you are going to have to try and try until you hit the jackpot!

Moreover, you can customize the game to your liking in the settings. There are 7 languages available which are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. This game is also applicable to people with color blindness, you can set it to Colour Blind Mode On.

Screengrab Courtesy of Globle

If you have more questions about the game, you may check out their FAQs.

And now, the answer for July 7 is… 

Laos is the mystery country of the day!

Screengrab Courtesy of Globle
Screengrab Courtesy of Globle

See you again in the next Globle mystery country of the day. While waiting for the next one, try to play other Wordle Spin-offs to keep you busy. Have fun playing!

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