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Nerdle is a spinoff of the popular word puzzle game that has been trending worldwide on social media. The novelty of this game is that instead of guessing words, participants will guess mathematical equations.

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Players get six tries to create and guess, much like in the original. It must be a proper computation and contain an equal sign. Correct numbers in the proper location appear green, whereas correct numbers in the incorrect location appear red.

Nerdle 236 – Clues, Solution & Answer

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Because there are so many different computations to enter, figuring out these Nerdle solutions might be difficult. You can see the answer below if you’ve used up all six tries but still want to know the answer.

We’ll keep this page updated with future solutions, so you’ll always have them if you’re stuck. Remember that in this game, the appropriate order of operations applies.


    • A
    • Numbers:1-5-6-7

***If you’re still having some trouble solving this Nerdle Problem, check the Solution and Answer Below.



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