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The Tokyo Game Show starts on Thursday, September 15, and the full schedule of the five-day gaming event has been revealed. Other than that, Tower of Fantasy is hosting giveaways during the Tokyo Game Show.

Below is the complete schedule for Tokyo Game Show. And if you’re lucky enough to attend the event in person, you can grab some Tower of Fantasy loot.

Tokyo Game Show is scheduled from September 15 to September 18

Major gaming companies and developers are attending this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Through their showcases, their aim is to deliver exciting news to gamers from all over the world. Presenters like CAPCOM have already revealed what they have lined up for those tuning in.

According to CAPCOM, two of their presentations will focus on titles like Resident Evil Village, Street Fighter 6, and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. Of course, the company has two presentations scheduled so expect tons of news to come from CAPCOM.

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Image Courtesy of Tokyo Game Show 2022

Here is the complete schedule for the five days that Tokyo Game Show is happening. If you can’t attend the Tokyo Game Show 2022 in person, you can stream all the presentations through the event’s official YouTube channel.

Thursday, September 14 to 15

  • 10:00 AM JST – TGS 2022 Opening Program
  • 11:00 AM JST – Keynote
  • 12:00 PM JST – Gamera Games
  • 1:00 PM JST – Japan Esports Union
  • 3:00 PM JST – BenQ Japan
  • 4:00 PM JST – Japan Game Awards 2022
  • 6:00 PM JST – Microsoft
  • 7:00 PM JST – Archosaur Games
  • 8:00 PM JST – GREE
  • 10:00 PM JST – Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • 11:00 PM JST – Capcom

Friday, September 16

  • 12:00 PM JST – Prime Gaming
  • 4:00 PM JST– Sense of Wonder Night 2022
  • 6:00 PM JST – 505 Games
  • 7:00 PM JST – Koei Tecmo Games
  • 8:00 PM JST – SEGA / ATLUS
  • 9:00 PM JST – Konami
  • 10:00 PM JST – Square Enix

Saturday, September 17

  • 12:00 AM JST – Capcom
  • 11:00 AM JST – D3 Publisher
  • 12:00 PM JST – Donuts Games
  • 1:00 PM JST – Qooka Entertainment / Japan Game Awards 2022
  • 3:00 PM JST – GungHo Online Entertainment
  • 5:00 PM JST – Happinet
  • 6:00 PM JST – HoYoverse
  • 8:00 PM JST – fingger
  • 9:00 PM JST – LEVEL-5
  • 10:00 PM JST – Aniplex
  • 11:00 PM JST – ProjectMoon

Sunday, September 18

  • 10:00 AM JST – Online Experience Tour / Japan Game Awards 2022
  • 12:00 PM JST – Japan Electronics College
  • 1:00 PM JST – Japan Game Awards 2022
  • 4:00 PM JST – GungHo Online Entertainment
  • 5:00 PM JST – 110 Industries
  • 6:00 PM JST – Happinet
  • 7:00 PM JST – Tokyo Game Show 2022 Ending Program

How to watch Tokyo Game Show 2022

Aside from the official YouTube channel of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, there are other streaming services available. This year, IGN is the streaming partner of the TGS 2022 for gamers living in the United States.

Another option for those unable to attend the TGS 2022 in person is to stream it through Steam. Since the event takes place in Japan, expect that most of the programs and presentations are in Japanese with English interpretations either through real-time dub or subtitles.

Tower of Fantasy is hosting giveaways to players at this year’s Tokyo Game Show

Tower of Fantasy is still standing strong as it becomes Genshin Impact’s newest competitor. To connect with more of their Wanderers who will attend the TGS in person, they are hosting giveaways at their physical booth.

Tokyo Game Show Schedule + Tower of Fantasy giveaways, How to join - Tower of Fantasy
Image Courtesy of Level Infinite

All you have to do to secure some goodies from Level Infinite is to drop by their booth. But the catch is only the first 1000 attendees who go to their booth will score the Tower of Fantasy giveaways during the Tokyo Game Show.

Tower of Fantasy is giving away the following official merchandise to the 1000 lucky players. Take note that they will strictly follow a one-gift per person policy:

  • Chibi character stickers
  • Mi-a mini ring notebook
  • Mi-a envelope
  • Acrylic Stand

The giveaway takes place just in time for Tower of Fantasy’s 1.5 update where Wanderers can expect brand-new content delivered to them in the vast land of Aida.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Tokyo Game Show 2022 as well as some of the exciting things scheduled at the event.

Which company do you think is dropping some major gaming news at the event? Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most from the event.

If you have other questions about the TGS 2022 or Tower of Fantasy, feel free to share them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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