Tomb Raider

We knew that a Tomb Raider movie was in development right? Well, I don’t remember sharing that news here, but, you know… you might have heard of it. Just a few minutes back, Warner Bros. UK dropped this dope-ass trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. Have a look –

The starting felt too modern, but as YouTube’s red progress bar reaches its end, the trailer coops up with Tomb Raider’s traditional feels. Expectations for the film are pretty high as we’ll see Academy Winner Alicia Vikander in action. (As Lara Croft of course)

Want to satisfy your curiosity by learning more about the movie? Head over to Tomb Raider’s Wiki page to know more. The movie is due on March 16. Make sure to subscribe to our push-notifications so that we can inform you whenever there’s an update related to Tomb Raider. Until next time, Happy Movie-ing! (Is that even a word? NVM)