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Anime and VR go hand-in-hand for first-hand experience with your favorite shows, so we’re here to list the top 10 best anime VR games. Stick with us until the end to find out more!

While virtual reality games and equipment are popularizing, gaming companies and studios take on the initiative to create games that are compatible with VR which leads to gamers and fans having a variety of games to choose from.

Specifically, anime fans would be excited as anime in VR has various games that would fit their preference. Moreover, using VR makes you part of the world of the game you are playing. You might want to grab your own VR headset as the price of it happens to be affordable for everyone too. Let’s now head to our top 10 best anime VR games!

VR Tennis Online

VR Tennis Online
Image Courtesy of Oculus

We want this list to be of variety, so we’re starting it off with VR Tennis Online. Yes, we’d agree that there are many tennis or sporting games that are already available in VR so why add this? Well, it isn’t every day that you encounter tennis games with anime designs, right? If you enjoy anime and tennis, this should be the one for you!

Additionally, VR Tennis Online is an Oculus Rift game that can be played with eight available characters. You can play VR Tennis Online solo, multiplayer, or co-op. Not many fans have tried this game, but see it for yourself! This anime VR is worth giving a shot if you want to experience a whole new VR tennis gaming in anime aesthetics.

One Piece: Grand Cruise

One Piece Grand Cruise
Image Courtesy of PlayStation Store

If you’re a One Piece fan, this is surely worth playing! The action and adventure await you in One Piece: Grand Cruise developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. The game was released in 2018 yet is one of the most played games still. If you haven’t tried One Piece: Grand Cruise yet now is the time to get involved and join their pirate life through VR!

This is the first One Piece VR experience so you can check it out! You can meet the Straw Hat Crew in this adventure VR as you join Luffy, Zori, Nami, Sanji, and many more in their Thousand Sunny ship and battles in the game! Be able to use cannons, and explore within the ship!


Image Courtesy of Steam

Variety of games, that’s what we’re bringing you here on this list! Next stop, you should play Airtone if you are fond of music with adventure and the hint of excitement while playing, this is for you! If you enjoy playing rhythm games, you’ll surely enjoy Airtone with Neon (the character here!). There are different levels of difficulty present in the game, a wide range of genres, and they continuously add more songs too!

This is a single-player game that lures into their world with amazing visual designs and music. Airtone flies you down the lanes where you have to hit the markers to create the right rhythm. Also, we have mentioned that if you enjoy adventure, you might want to dive into this game, as there is a story as the game progresses, and you have to ask Neon more about that!

Zenith: The Last City

Image Courtesy of Steam

Zenith: The Last City may be your choice of anime VR if you are interested in open-world and MMORPG games. Of course, Zenith is an action jam-packed game that would make you battle, explore, forge alliances, and craft as you play along with the game.

You can meet countless players while playing Zenith: The Lost City (countless combat battles too if you want to!). You can explore their world and be immensely part of it through virtual reality. There are two character classes too where you can pick who’s more of your liking! Of course, they have unique abilities and skills that you can use during the gameplay.

Hatsune Miku VR

Hatsune Miku
Image Courtesy of Steam

We’ve got another music game for you, players! Hatsune Miku is a famous name in the anime genre, a virtual singer and you might want to help her get perfect scores to match the beat to iconic songs. Hatsune Miku VR‘s goal is for you to catch all the melodic symbols flying around as she sings and dances to the song.

Easy? We just want to let you know that there are long riffs in songs, and yes, long riff symbols as well. Make sure to be observant and focused as you play the game because the more you feel the game is easier, the more difficult symbols and challenges would appear in front of you and Hatsune Miku! So prepare your bodies as you dance along to the beats with Hatsune Miku in this anime VR game!

DEEMO -Reborn-

Image Courtesy of Steam

Landing on our list, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world is another rhythm game DEEMO -Reborn-! It is a mobile game turned into a PC game then turned into VR as the latest platform it can be played. It was 2020 when brought to virtual reality with the title DEEMO -Reborn-.

You may want to check this out if you’re into rhythm games and story-based adventures. DEEMO is set in a magical castle, and you may encounter Deemo, a mysterious being. Moreover, the main goal of the story is to help the little girl that fell from the sky find her way home. You get to encounter different songs of different genres along your way!

Alice Mystery Garden

Image Courtesy of Steam

This Alice in Wonderland-inspired game is too cute to handle! Alice Mystery Garden is an action-puzzle game that you would enjoy especially if you know Alice! You can control Alice throughout the game, and even can move the things around her (environment, yep, you can too!).

The visual looks so cute and easy but just so you know, there are 17 different stages that each could be played on if you can find and collect the glass pieces in the game. You might want to try to fill in Alice’s shoes because literally, you can! Step in Alice’s shoes to be able to look in places only Alice’s character can see, and maybe explore a lot more spaces in the game! You have to try Alice Mystery Garden, players.

Spice&Wolf VR 2

Spice&Wolf VR2
Image Courtesy of Steam

This anime series now has the second installment of their VR game, Spice&Wolf VR 2! Well, what’s better with this second Spice&Wolf? You can now first-hand experience rather than just watching! They upgraded it into an interactive game. It is a single-player mode game made by SpicyTails.

Spice&Wolf VR 2 revolves around the future of Holo and Lawrence as married couples. The two settle down with a daughter, and still argue and talk about their finances just like married couples do. If you enjoy watching the series, you probably would enjoy Spice&Wolf VR 2 as well, so check it out!

Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand

Foog Girls - Bubbles' Drink Stand VR
Image Courtesy of Steam

Entering our list of best anime VR games is Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand! This simulation game could relax you or turn your patience short because of Bubbles, the main character in the game. However, a simulation game is a lot of fun especially when you are to be a part-timer!

The story of Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand is when Bubbles successfully built an expansion of her drink stand. Now calling Mr. Consultant up because she might’ve faced a few troubles. She asks for help in making the orders of the customers of the milk tea shop now you have to work part-time! You might want to try survival mode or time mode if you are up for the real challenge. This exciting simulation game can tire you out just like when you work in real life!

Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Fumoto Campsite

Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Fumoto Campsite
Image Courtesy of Steam

Lastly, on this list of best anime VR games is Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Fumoto Campsite! This visual novel VR game takes you to the real camping experience. It is a single-player where you are joined by Nadeshiko at a campsite in Fumoto. If you are delighted with chill and relaxed games, you definitely would enjoy this game!

Furthermore, the Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Fumoto Campsite‘s story is about Rin (that’s you!) and Nadeshiko going on a new camping adventure. You can take lots of pictures, and even delicious foods while camping. There are adventure situations that the characters face as the story progresses. Be sure to ready yourselves for this campsite.

Care to share any of your Anime VR game favorites?

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