Top 10 Best Fan-Made Pokemon Games July 2022

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Pokemon and its fans always work together to keep their playing very fun! Now, we’ll list the top 10 best fan-made Pokemon games for you. Stick with us to know more!

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Pokemon fans code their Pokemon games as they try to fill in Pokemon storylines that they think a game could fit. Moreover, other fans as well play these games and enjoy them, the same as they do for the original Pokemon games. Here we start our 10 best games (this isn’t ranked, all of them are favorites!).

10 Pokemon Fire Ash

This Pokemon fan-made was released on September 6, 2017, and has been in the works since 2015. Pokemon Fire Ash is still being updated up to this date with its latest on May 17, 2022. The game revolves around the trainer from Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum. You get Pikachu as your first Pokemon and have a chance to battle with Ash’s rivals through the sun and moon series.

In the game, you can travel from Kanto to Alola. You can encounter more than 800 Pokemons and fight in more than 50 gymnasiums! Moreover, other features that include are Generation I to VII Pokemons, Pikachu following Ash, and unique evolved Pokemons too like Ash Greninja. If you are interested in playing this game, you can click on this link to know more!

9 Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence
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Pokemon Insurgence is the Pokemon fangame released on December 20, 2014, and developed by Suzerain & Duekhoofd, with the same style as Pokemon Fire Ash – art style of Gen 3. The game starts in a new region named Torren. The goal of this game is to defeat the invaders that came to your Torren region. The game is still up to date!

You might want to try this one out if you want something new and different yet still revolves around Trainers and Pokemons. One of the most exciting parts of? There is an exclusive list of Pokemons you can combine to create new species in Pokemon Insurgence! This fan-made game also includes customization of trainers, secret bases, and mega evolutions, as well. Try it here!

8 Pokemon Rejuvenation

Still Gen 3 in art style, Pokemon Rejuvenation is another fan-made Pokemon game that applies various graphic improvements. The game goes around the Aevium region which was devastated by Storm-9. All of its content from Generation I to Generation VIII is present in the game. Additionally, the latest version of Pokemon Rejuvenation, V13, has been updated to the 15th gym.

Battle your way to the top and defeat Team Xen, who tries to conquer the Aevium region. You can explore dark, hidden secrets in the region, and defend them from evil forces. It has a franchise entitled Reborn, and you may want to try that after you finish this Pokemon game! Visit their site here.

7 Pokemon MMO 3D

Pokemon MMO 3D
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The fan-made Pokemon game was released in 3D that offers a realistic experience in the world of Pokemon. The developers have been upgrading and updating Pokemon MMO 3D to keep it fun and fresh to play and with a style Gen 3 and Gen 4 too. Of course, free-to-play for everyone! You can play with people around the world and evolve step-by-step, so be ready for challenges!

Well, you might want to give Pokemon MMO 3D a shot since first, you can play with your friends in real-time, and you may have the ability to influence all Pokemons in a fight. Moreover, with every 5 levels, you get a storage box too. Additionally, you can explore the area with hidden eggs and Pokemon species wandering during a specific hour of the day. Visit the game here!

6 Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn also tops as one of the best fan-made Pokemon games and is created with the RPG Maker XP technology. This fan Pokemon game is styled in Emerald and features all contents up to Generation VII. Your main goal in Pokemon Reborn is to save the crumbling Reborn City and you may want to be the hero (try it!).

You can collect, train, and battle all the 807 Pokemons you can encounter during the game. The game entirely contains a more mature story or content than other Pokemon games, more suiting for an adult audience. Moreover, it leaves a mark on fans as it appears differently from every Pokemon game you might have played before. You may want to check it out here!

5 Pokemon Phoenix Rising

This fan-made Pokemon game is known for its awesome pixel art style, and also leans into the RPG side of things and emphasizes their story. It is released in 2018 with an art style of Gen 4 and Gen 5. You can freely customize your character as well, while Mega Evolutions Pokemons’ lineup is brand new too. Pokemon Phoenix Rising is an episodic type of game, by the way.

You can appreciate the game more due to the detailed designs as the game took place in Hawthorne Region. RPG elements are heavily seen in the game and you will encounter side or main quests, skill trees, and more. The storyline of this game, Pokemon Phoenix Rising, will keep you entertained for hours! You may want to know more about the game here!

4 Pokemon Sage

The fan-made Pokemon game is firstly developed by 4chan. Pokemon Sage takes place in Urobos Region. The place has a jungle, a desert, and mountains for players to explore. You will spawn in a snow-covered area along with your chosen player. You can see over 200 Pokemons that you can just battle or catch in this game. This offers a whole new adventure that may be for your liking.

Moreover, there are two types of rivals, and the availability of three-starter Pokemons offered. You have a chance to encounter a legendary Pokemon named Quetzar in the game, as the storyline quite revolves around the said Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon in the game sealed a city to never be seen, yet Northington successfully reawakens the city, and now wrath takes over. Are you up to face this challenge? You can try the game here!

3 Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Prism

One of the top in our list of the 10 best fan-made Pokemon games is Pokemon Prism. The game is developed by RainbowDevs with an art style of Generation II. Pokemon Prism revolves around the region of Naljo. It is a game sequel to Pokemon Brown which opens the trainer to travel to Rijon for another quest. The Pokedex of this game includes Pokemons from the first four generations with TMs and Elemental types too. There is an estimated number of 253 Pokemons to encounter in Pokemon Prism.

Moreover, there are mini-games that you can play in the game and certain situations where you, the trainer, can control the Pokemon. There may be familiar places you will pass by since ten cities from the original Pokemon are adapted into the game. One reason to love this fan-made Pokemon game? The clock system with a twist. You may want to play to find out what we mean! Also, you can customize your trainer and new three types of Pokemon (Gas, Sound, and Fairy) are to appear as you go along the story of Pokemon Prism. Well, you might want to try it, so you can visit their site here to learn more about the game!

2 Pokemon Uranium

This Pokemon fan-made game is created nine years before its release in 2016. Pokemon fans were excited about the new Nuclear categories developed in the game, which make this version unique. The game, Pokemon Uranium, takes place in the Tandor Region with the all-new estimated number of 100 Pokemons to encounter, battle, catch and train!

You may want to play Pokemon Uranium if you are up for the challenge of the six Tandor gym battles and badges to collect, all the while saving the region from nuclear threat. Also, additional legendary Pokemons to catch and major secrets to uncover, try this Pokemon game! Though, apparently, it had been hidden by its creators as Nintendo sent out a series of lawsuits against the designers.

1 Pokemon Godra

This fan-made Pokemon game tops our list of the best in this category. Pokemon Godra comes to our best fan-made Pokemon as it focuses on your character. What do we mean? Well, Pokemon is known for leveling up your Pokemons as trainers, well in Godra you keep your Pokemon at your side as you continue living your life. Yes, we mean you have jobs like Army General, Safari Area Controller, and such.

Pokemon Godra is an RPG game and will probably be the best start to fall in love with all the Pokemons and the game for sure! There are secrets to know in this game, competing with strangers, completing quests, and challenges along the way. Of course, there are rivals present in the area so we hope you’ll be careful in making decisions when it comes to battling and accomplishing missions! Here, some fans were able to create a remastered version of Pokemon Godra here, so you can visit it here to know more!

Well, here it ends our ten 10 best fan-made Pokemon games. Have you tried any of them? Let us know!

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Tell us about your playing experience with these Pokemon fan-made games! If you have any questions regarding Pokémon, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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