Top 10 PewDiePie book recommendations – Ranked

Top 10 PewDiePie book recommendations

PewDiePie is an avid reader who often shares book recommendations and reviews through his YouTube Channel. Let’s find out PewDiePie’s Top 10 books.

PewDiePie is a book fanatic that often shares book reviews and recommendations. Until now, he has mentioned more than forty books during his videos, while his own book collection includes numerous books.

  • As PewDiePie reads a lot, we have discovered the Top 10 books that received the highest ratings from him. Among hia 100/100 book. Let’s check them out.

10. Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

This book lists high with multiple recommendations from famous personalities such as Emma Watson, Sam Altman, Terry Crews, and more. It is also one of the books PewDiePie praise by calling it a great tool to help people. In one of the videos, he shares, “In case something really bad happens, I feel like, from reading this book, I’m better equipped to handle it.”

  • The book is Psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl’s memoir, where he describes life in Nazi death camps and its spiritual survival.
  • The book is based on his own experiences and the stories of his patients. Through this, the psychiatrist emphasizes that a human’s primary drive is to search for meaning rather than pleasure.

9. No Longer Human – Osamu Dazai

PewDiePie’s reading lists include plenty of titles from Japanese literature. However, one of his recommendations from Japanese literature is No Longer Human of Osamu Dazai. He praises the book in one of his videos, “This is everything I would want from a novel.”

  • The book shares the poignant tale of a young aristocrat caught between traditions and western ideology. Therefore, he feels that he is disqualified from being human.

8. Flowers for Algernon – Daniel Keyes

This is an intriguing tale of a mentally disabled man, Charlie, searching for intelligence. The author mirrors his quest in that of Algernon, an extraordinary lab mouse. However, Algernon starts to deteriorate. Will the same happen to Charlie? According to PewDiePie, The book is “Really fun to read from start to finish.”

7. The Woman In The Dunes – Kobo Abe

A man becomes a captive of locals after resting under a vast sand pit. In the book, he is tasked to shovel back advancing dunes, and his only companion is an odd-young woman. PweDiePie highly recommends this combination of myth and suspense novels.

6. Either/Or: A Fragment of Life – Søren Kierkegaard

Another book PewDiePie recommends is Either/Or: a fragment of life which he praises, “It’s genius. I absolutely loved it,”. The book is a masterpiece of duality that explores the conflict between aesthetics and ethics. Moreover, it eloquently expounds the Nobel virtues of a morally upstanding life.

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5. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

PewDiePie recommends a dystopian novel, “I love this book and think it’s a masterpiece.” The book is based on a futuristic world inhabited by genetically modified humans. It anticipates huge scientific advancements. However, only one individual challenges them: the protagonist themselves.

4. I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

The next book recommended by PewDiePie centres around a pandemic of vampire bacteria. Moreover, the book covers serious topics such as depression, isolation, and alcoholism. However, PewDiePie reviews it as “Very light and very gripping from the beginning to the end.” 

3. The Master And Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov

Topping the list at number 3 is a controversial novel that PewDiePie calls, “A masterpiece.” The novel, which was only released after the death of its author, follows the Devil himself across two disparate settings: Moscow and ancient Jerusalem.

2. Don Quixote – Miguel de Cervantes

On the second top spot is a classic novel that PewDiePies reviews, “My favorite piece of classical literature that I’ve ever read.” It is also a favorite of Dostoevsky. The novel follows Don Quixote and his ever-loyal squire Sancho as they roam the world together in pursuit of becoming knight-errant.

1. Runaway Horses – Yukio Mishima

Lastly, at the top of the list with 100/100 ratings from PewDiePie, he could only review as, “This book… *chef’s kiss*.” It is his favorite book due to its poetic writing and fascinating characters. The book Runaway Horses is the second novel in a tetralogy, and it features samurai, fanaticism, conspiracy, and war. It also features some romance, therefore making it a complete package.

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How many of these have you read, and which one is your top pick? Let us know in the comments and follow Spiel Times for more top ratings related to entertainment, gaming, and sports.

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