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K-pop is famous for its cover and remakes of songs that have touched the hearts of people in one generation. This practice proves to be a blessing for songs that didn’t receive the deserved response upon their first release.

  • SM Entertainment frequently pays homage to yesterday’s super hits due to its extended history in K-pop. Recently, NCT Dream announced their new song Candy which is a remake of SM’s first-generation Boygrop H.O.T. So, let’s check out some more songs which are a remake of old K-pop.

Top 20 K-pop Remakes of Old K-pop 


1. BTS – Come Back Home 

In 2017, BTS released the remake of one of the most influential songs in the history of K-pop. The track Come Back Home is originally by Seo Tai-ji and Boys. The musical group released this track along with their album Seotaiji VI in 2000.

2. Bigbang – Red Sunset 

Bigbang released Red Sunset in their 2008 album called Remember. It is a remake of Lee Moon Sae’s popular track Sunset Glow. The veteran singer has also praised the remake in one of his interviews.


3. IU – Last Night Story 

IU released a remake album in 2018 titled Smash Hits 2: The Stories Between U and I. One of its entertaining songs was Last Night Story which is a remake of SoBangCha’s popular track from the 2005 album Man’s Life.

4. BTOB – 2nd Confession 

BTOB released a remake called 2nd Confession dedicated to their fans on their debut anniversary. The song is a remake of K-pop group G.O.D’s One Candle. G.O.D.’s original track was released in 2000.

5. VIXX – Love Equation 

On the 20th anniversary of R.ef’s Farewell Formula in 2015, VIXX released a remake of their hit track called Love Equation. They also received a song of the year nomination at MAMA for it.

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6. Oh My Girl – Listen To My World 

In 2016, Oh My Girl released Listen To My World (A-ing) which is a remake of the girl group Papaya’s song released in 2000. The original group had a very short career of 2 years before they became inactive.

7. Joy – Hello 

In 2021, Joy released a special EP with 6 songs that are remakes of popular tracks. Hello is the title track of the EP and remake of Park Hye Kyung’s song.

8. TWICE – Precious Love 

Girl group TWICE’s 2018 release Precious Love is a remake of the song by Park Ji Yoon.


9. Heize – On a Rainy Day 

Heize released On a Rainy Day in 2021 for the OST of the series Blue Birthday. The track is originally by the second-generation group Beast released in 2011. After ten years, some OG K-pop fans are still surprised by how fast time flies.

10. Lee Juck – Don’t Worry 

Lee Juck’s Don’t Worry from Reply 1988’s OST made its way into everyone’s heart. The original song is by Deulgukhwa released in 2013.

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11. Sechs Kies – Couple 

Sechs Kies released the song called Couple in 1998, but surprisingly, they released a remake of the same track in 2019.

12. Taeyeon – Atlantic Princess 

Taeyeon’s Atlantic Princess is a remake of BoA’s song from 2003. Both versions were well appreciated by the audience.

13. Super Junior – Happiness 

Super Junior’s track called Happiness is actually a remake of SM’s first-generation group H.O.T.

14. T-ara – Round, and Round 

This groovy track by T-ara is a remake of the singer Nami’s Round and Round which was first released in 1984.

15. Girl’s Generation by SNSD

The title track Girl’s Generation by the girl group SNSD is originally by Lee Seung Chul.

16. Red Velvet – Be Natural 

The track Be Natural from Red Velvet’s 2014 album is a remake of S.E.S’s own track of the same name. The original was released back in 2000.

17. Wonder Girls – Now 

Wonder Girls released some interesting music under JYP with one of them being a remake called Now. The original track was released in 2000 by a K-pop artist called Fin.K.L.

18. Ravi, Yeri, Kim Woo Seok – Sorrow 

Ravi, Yeri, and Kim Woo Seok collaborated during the Fever Music 2020 Cool Summer Project to release the track Sorrow. It is a remake of the K-pop group Cool’s song of the same title.

19. IU – My Old Story 

IU’s song My Old Story from the 2014 album A Flower Bookmark is a remake of a song by 80’s singer Cho Deok Bae.


20. BTS – Coffee 

The track Coffee by BTS from their album O!RUL8,2? is a remake of Urban Zakapa’s Caffé Latte.

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