Top 3 Cutest Squishmallows – Ranked

Top 3 Cutest Squishmallows - Ranked

Can you believe that we’re writing an article about cute plushies? Seriously, who wouldn’t? For the collectors of stuffed toys and plushies, it’s impossible if you haven’t heard of the Squishmallows yet. If you haven’t seen one yet (no judgment, we swear), then we’ll introduce them to you. It may be ‘love at first sight’ with these tiny 3.5 inches plushies that also have up to 24 inches big Squishmallows. While we brief you about these cuties, we’ll also rank our top 3 cutest Squishmallows! We wouldn’t miss it for the world to add our runner-ups too, so let’s go!

Top 3 Cutest Squishmallows

Before anything else, we want you to know our pick for the cutest Squishmallows on earth. The following Squishmallows are too irresistible for us, so maybe you can share with us what’s your choice! Anyway, here are our top three, and no need to worry these aren’t in the rare or limited edition, just the Select Series so you can find them right away! Maybe you may want to purchase them, who knows? *winks*

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Image Courtesy of Squishmallows
  • Squishmallows came to the market in 2017 and these are made to be super soft and huggable plush toys! Currently, there are around 1,000 ‘Mallows to collect from, and there are rare ones, ultra rare, special edition, select series, check-in series, and founder’s edition! so get to know a few here!
  • Where to buy Squishmallows? Well, you can purchase them on their official website. You can also check out retailers like Amazon, Target, Five Below, and Costco among others.

Rank 3: Avery

Squishdate: June 2nd, 2022

Collector Number: #216-6

Okay, have you seen a duck? But, have you seen a duck wearing a beanie? Worry no more, we present you, Avery! Well, this Mallard Duck wears his beanie while smiling along with its eyes. Cute? You know what’s cuter though when you get to know Avery the Mallard Duck!

  • Don’t let his size fool you, Avery is a skilled left wingman for the ‘Mallows rugby team, and one day, he wants to be a coach! His whole family comes to watch and they bring popsicles to celebrate once the game is over.
Top 3 Cutest Squishmallows, Avery
Image Courtesy of Squishmallows
  • Avery marks 12 inches in height and is perfect for being a huggable buddy! This cute plushie is currently available to purchase on Squishmallows‘ official website, so hurry now if you want to have one. It costs $19.99 exclusive of the shipping fee!

Rank 2: Wade

Squishdate: June 15th, 2022

Collector Number: #419-3

Hybrid plushie, have you encountered or even heard that term? If not, you probably have not met our second Squishmallows pick, Wade! He may be a hybrid of a brown werewolf and a skeleton, but he’s cute, isn’t he? Wade flashes a sad face on his skeleton sad, we hope we can see his smiling face though!

  • Wade is a pretty big guy, and at first, glance gives many ’Mallows a fright! He tries not to take it personally but one day Wade hopes his looks won’t make other ’Mallows so scared of him. Fun fact about Wade: he plays the violin.
Top 3 Cutest Squishmallows, Wade
Photo Courtesy of Squishmallows
  • He and Avery have the same height so they would look cute side-by-side! However, our cute Wade is currently out of stock in their site’s store, but if they restock you can purchase it at $19.99 too.

Rank 1: Barb

Squishdate: September 23rd, 2021

Collector Number: #939-3

Choosing who to pick for this top 3 cutest is such a difficult decision to make. But we reached the top 1 on our list (because we have to), and it is no other than, Barb! If this isn’t the cutest, then who could be?! Barb is the cute gymnast Squishmallows, and you see, very girly too. This adorable dog is a tie-dye color of purple and blue, with purple ears, and a cucumber eye mask!

Top 3 Cutest Squishmallows, Barb
Image Courtesy of Squishmallows
  • Barb says hello! Barb is quite the gymnast and can do all kinds of tricks, from aerials to tricks on the trapeze. If asked nicely, Barb will even put on a show for her friends! While she’s a humble ‘Mallow, Barb loves to show off her moves.
  • Show some love for Barb and the other ‘Mallows and they’ll give their softest hugs back at you too! This 12 inches in height Barb can be bought for $19.99 on the Squishmallows website. Take home Barb if she’s the cutest one for you too!


Here are our runner-ups for the cutest Squishmallows! You can check it out on their site for more information about them!

Which Squishmallows would you take home now, collectors?

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If you have any questions about the Squishmallows, you can also share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCE: Squishmallows Official Website

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